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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

In love with my wedding planner

In love with my wedding planner

In love with my wedding planner 💑

🔞Episode 1🔞

(beautiful wedding planner)
Fredrick Shawn pov.

Hey babe “I said to the phone.

Hold your greetings, have you gotten a planner for our wedding Fred?. She ask in her usual commanding voice.

Not yet babe I……. I tried to say but she cut me off.

Seriously do you expect me to do the also, you know how much stress I’ve being going through because of this wedding and you are there doing nothing “she yelled and hung up.

I sign. God help me with this woman I’m getting married to.

I dialed Sam’s number and he picked. ”
Sam Pls do me a favor, send the address of the wedding planner you told me about last week “.i say to him.

Sure, I will right away ” he replied.

Thanks “I say and hung up.

I stand up from the couch to get myself a drink. Not long Sam sent the address and i head to Nickie’s event planning centre.

Few minutes later I entered the building and approach the secretary.
Hello ” I say to get her attention.

She looks up and smile seductively.

Hi, how may I help you Mr…….

Shawn “I told her.

Yes, Mr Shawn.

I believe you plan events here, so I’m here to….

Oh so what type of event do you want us to plan for you sir? A birthday party, anniversary, which one sir? “she says shooting me a seductive gaze and biting her lips.

No it’s a wedding” I said and her countenance changed it was replaced by a smile almost immediately.

Hmm your brothers, a friend or your sister’s wedding “she says. I was starting to get annoyed.

No it’s my wedding. And can you please take me to your boss or something and stop asking fucking dumb questions.”I yelled angrily and she just rolled her eyes and starts to make call informing her boss.

You may go in “she says and I turn to go but turned back and tell ; I know I’m hot, but you see you are not my type. I can’t even have you for a night stand so I advice you to stop stressing yourself trying to seduce me. Okay?.

I smirk when I saw her face flushed with redness . She was clearly embarrassed.
She glares angrily at me.

TBC.. 🙃

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