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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 8


The following day, Lucia sat down in the school garden together with Betty and Vivian, it was during break, the three of them were eating snacks and Vivian was telling them about her quarrel with Jake her boyfriend, then they saw Richard walking hand in hand with Chloe, he didn’t see them butChloe saw Lucia staring at them. “Richard, whats wrong with that girl, the way she looks at you each time she sees us together, I think she has a crush on you.” Chloe said. And Richard looked at the direction Chloe was looking at and he saw Lucia looking at them, she stared away when he saw her. “Don’t worry about her, and she doesn’t have a crush on me.” Richard said

“Hey Lucy, are you okay? Betty told me about your feelings for Richard.” Vivian said

“Am okay.” Lucia said

“Why don’t you tell him about it.” Vivian said

“No I can’t, he has a girlfriend and he doesn’t even like me , telling him how I feel when I know he has a girlfriend is the perfect ingredient for an heartache.” Lucia said

“No, I think he likes you, I can see it in his eyes each time he looks at you, thats why he’s always after you.” Vivian said

“No, he’s a player, what if he just want my attention so he can toy with my feelings the way he does with other girls.” Lucia said

“Let’s go back to the class.” Betty said.

“I don’t feel like going to the class.” Lucia said

“Why? Because u don’t want to see him? Common be the brave Lucia we know.” Betty said.

“Alright let’s go.” Lucia said and they went to the class.






<>Chapter 9<>

For about two days Lucia couldn’t get Richard out of her mind, she couldn’t concentrate in class, most times she would sit alone and be lost in thought. She was sitting in class one noon during lunch when Betty and Vivian came to her, they called her but she didn’t hear or see them. “Hey Lucy.” Betty tapped her and she stood up in shock. “Whats wrong? We’ve been calling you but you were lost in thought.” Betty said

“Sorry but I have to be somewhere.” Lucia said and moved out of her desk. “Where are you going?” Vivian asked her but she didn’t answer and she walked out in a hurry. “Why is she acting weird these days.” Vivian asked

“Let’s just let her be for now.” Betty said. Lucia walked through the lobby, she was looking every corner as she walk. “Where could he be, I really have to tell him how I feel, I don’t care anymore, maybe after telling him I will feel better.” Lucia said as she was walking. She got to the cafeteria and saw Richard sitting opposite Chloe. Chloe saw her walking towards them but Richard didn’t see her becos he was backing her, Lucia walked over to them before Chloe could tell Richard, she stood beside them and Richard was surprised. “Richard, come with me I need to talk to you.” Lucia said

“Excuse me, are you blind? Can’t you see he’s with someone, you can’t just come here and tell him to come with you, who the hell do you think you are.” Chloe said

“I have to talk to you now.” Lucia said ignoring Chloe then she walked away.

“Chloe, I have to go, I think it’s an emergency.” Richard said as he stood up.

“What, you are going to leave me here and go with her.” Chloe said.

“I will be back.” Richard said and followed Lucia.

“Richie, like seriously, whats really going on between those two? Am really pissed off right now.” Chloe said.

Lucia stopped when she got to the rooftop, she turned and looked at Richard. “Whats going on? What do you have to tell me? And why on the rooftop.” Richard asked.

“I have something to tell you.” Lucia said

“Isn’t that why we are here, so what is?” Richard asked.

“I___I___I.” She stammered and tightened her fist.

“You what?”

“I think___am in love with you.” She said with her eyes closed. Richard was flabbergasted, he looked at her and smiled. “You think or you are?” He asked. Lucia opened her eyes and looked at him. “Yes, I am, am in love with you.” She said and immediately Richard drew her close and kissed her, Lucia was shocked, she flung her eyes wide open, Richard caressed her cheek and kissed her softly, she pushed him away and slapped him then she walked away. “Lucy.” Richard tried going after her but she yelled at him. “Don’t follow me.” She said and climbed down the stairs, she walk as fast as she could and Richard followed her, she walked pass Betty at the front of their class, Betty called her but she entered inside the class. She was about to go after her then she heard Richard call out her name. “Betty, wait.” He said.

“What is it?” Betty asked

“Please give me Lucia’s number.” Richard said

“What for? And what did you do to her? Why is her face pale.” Betty asked

“I didn’t do anything to her, she told me about her feelings for me and before I could say anything, she ran off.” Richard lied

“What? She told you already?” Betty asked surprised.

“Yes she did, please just give me her number, I need to speak to her, am sure she don’t want to talk to me right now, so I want to call her on phone later.” Richard said.

“Am not sure about this, but I don’t like seeing her troubled so I will give it to you, you guys should sort things out.” Betty said and typed Lucia’s number on his phone.

The following day was Saturday, Lucia was lying on her bed, she was alone, Betty and Vivian weren’t in the room. She closed her eyes and recalled the kiss, it was actually her first kiss, she opened her eyes and touched her lips. Her phone began to ring and she looked at the caller but it was an unknown number. “Who could this be.”she said and picked up. “Hello, sorry who am I unto?” Lucia asked

“Lucy, its me.”

“Richard? You_ how did you get my number and why are you calling me?” Lucia asked.

“I just want to apologise for what I did, am really sorry, I never meant to do dat, I was just so excited when you said you love me.” Richard said

“The fact that I told you how I feel about you, doesn’t mean that I want to go out with you, I told you so I could ease my self from the pain I feel inside me.” Lucia said. “I told you I love you but you dont have to love me back, you don’t even know what love is anyway since you are a player.” She added.

“But I love you.” Richard said

“Sorry but am hanging up.” Lucia said and hung up.

At school on Monday, Lucia was walking to the class with her friends, Richard saw them and walked up to them. “Lucy, can we talk.” He asked

“No, I don’t wanna talk to you.” Lucia said while walking.

“We have to talk.” Richard said

“And I said I don’t wanna talk to you, can’t you just let me be.” Lucia said

“No, I can’t let you be, we need to talk now.” Richard said and held her by the wrist.

“What are you doing, let go of me.” Lucia yelled

“Richie, whats your problem, she said she doesn’t want to talk to you, so let go of her.” Vivian said.

Richard ignored her and dragged Lucia away, Lucia tried to free her hand from his grip but she couldn’t. “Richard you are hurting me, let me go.” She said but Richard didn’t listen to her. He took her to the rooftop and when they got there he let go of her hand. “Ouch, what have come over you, are you out of your mind.” Lucia yelled at him.

“Yes am out of my mind, what is wrong with you, I never asked you to tell me how you feel for me, you were the one who came to me and told me you love me and when I told you I love you back, you are playing hard to get.” Richard yelled back.

“But I told you not to love me, I didn’t tell u that I love you for you to love me back.” Lucia said

“But I love you, I really do.” Richard said

“Then prove it, prove to me that you really love me.” Lucia said.

“How? How should I prove it to you?” Richard asked.

“The only way you can prove your love for me, is for you to stop being a playboy and start living responsible.” Lucia said

“Ok, I promise you, I will change and I will also end everything I have with Chloe. I know I have been an asshole and a jerk, but I promise to change for you.” Richard said

“Really?” Lucia asked

“Yes, just promise me you will be my girlfriend after that.” Richard said.

“Am sorry, I can’t promise you that.” Lucia said

“Why not?”

“I just have to be sure you have really changed before going out with you.” Lucia said.

“Ok, I understand, but at least untill you are sure that have really changed, can you stop ignoring me and let’s be friends.” Richard said

“Ok, I won’t ignore you anymore.” Lucia said.

“Thanks.” Richard said and hugged her.

“Hey stop, someone might see us.” Lucia said

“No one can see us up here.” Richard said. Lucia pulled away from him. “I have to go.” She said.

“To where.” Richard asked.

“To the class.” Lucia said walking away.

“But the stairs is this way.” Richard said smiling. Lucia turned back and walked towards the stairs.

“Let’s go together.” Richard said.

“No, I will leave first.” Lucia said as she was walking. Richard was looking at her and smiling at the way she was walking awkwardly.

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