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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 6

Chapter 6

While in the room that night, Lucia couldn’t sleep, each time she close her eyes all she see is Richards smiling face, she tried forcing herself to sleep but couldn’t. She decided to listen to a music, she took her phone and searched for a music, she scrolled and saw the music shesang together with Richard, she recalled the moment, the way they sang and danced and how Richard pulled her from behind her waist and her heart beat heavily. “Wats happening to me, why can’t I stop thinking about Richard, I can’t seems to get his thoughts out of my head, whats wrong?” She thought to herself and she shook her head to get those thoughts out of her head. The following morning all the students were present in class except Richard, Lucia kept looking at his desk. The English teacher came in munites later and she was greeted, she brought out her attendant book and started calling the names of the students one after the other until she got to Richards name. “He’s not in school.” Lucia said.

“Alright, let’s begin todays lesson, bring out your text books.” The teacher said. They all brought out their text books. “Ok, Lucy read the poem in passage 75.” The teacher said. Lucia stood up and started reading, she got to the last line of the poem and she paused, she looked at it then she continued. “Value what you have when you still have it, once it is gone/lost you might not be able to retrieve it again.” She finished reading and sat down. “Why do I feel like this poem is talking to me.” She said to herself and took a glance at Richards desk once again. “Hmmmph.” She sighed.

During recession, Lucia refused to go out with her friends, she sat down down alone and placed her head on her desk, she stared at Richards desk and recalled when he would sit there and smiled at her. “Why isn’t he in school.” She said. Then a girl came to her and tapped her, she sat up and looked at the girl standing beside her. She was from the junior class. “Please am here to see Richard, is he in school?” The girl asked. Lucia glared at her badly and the girl understood she wasn’t in a good mood so she turned to leave. “Wait.” Lucia said and the girl stopped. “Who are you to Richard?” Lucia asked.

“Am his girlfriend.” The girl said.

“What? His girlfriend?”

“Yes, am his girlfriend.”

“Alright, he isn’t in school today.” Lucia said

“Why? Is he okay?” The girl asked

“Are you asking me? How am I supposed to know that? Anyways whats your name so when he comes tomorrow I will let him know you came.” Lucia said

“Don’t bother, I will just call him.” The girl said

“You should have done that instead of coming here.” Lucia whispered to herself.

“What did you say?” The girl asked

“Nothing, but I want to know your name.” Lucia said

“Chloe.” The girl said and walked away.

The next day, Lucia went to the class hoping to see Richard but wen she got to the class he wasn’t there, she walked to her desk and sat down. “isn’t he coming today too.” Lucia said. Just then Richard walked in and Lucia stared at him until he got to his desk and sat down. He looked at her and she was still staring. “Hey whats up.” He said

“Huh? Uhm.” Lucia quickly stare away.

“Are you okay, you’ve been staring at me since I came in, do you want to say something to me?” He asked.

“Uhm, nothing.” Lucia said.”

“Okay.” Richard said

“Errrhh, your girlfriend, was here yesterday, she was looking for you.” Lucia said

“Oh, we already spoke to each other yesterday, but thanks anyway.” Richard said

“You’re welcome.” Lucia said

Their class teacher came in and they all stood up and greeted her. “How are you all doing today?” She asked

“Very fine ma’am.” The class chorused. She began the role call and when she was done she walked over to their midst. “Kids, I think its time we elect a new assistant class president, it’s been months since Daniel transferred school, so we need to replace him.” Mrs Tony said.

“Who will be the assistant class president?” She asked. No one responded. “Anyone? Or should I pick someone myself?” She asked but still no response. “Ok then, since no one is volunteering, I will choose someone myself, Richard please stand up.” Mrs Tony said. Richard saw it coming so he wasn’t surprised and he stood up.

“You will be Lucia’s assistant, since the two of you are the top students in our class.” The teacher said and then another teacher walked in. “Ok guys, your language teacher is here.” Mrs Tony said and she packed up her books and left.



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