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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 5


The D-Day came and Lucia was in the practice room together with Richard, she was so nervous, she kept pacing around the room. “Let’s go to the hall, we would soon be called on.” Richard said.

“Now?” Lucia asked.

“Yes, don’t be nervous, just be cool, take a deep breath and relax.” Richardsaid

“Okay, let’s go.” Lucia said. Immediately they got to the hall, a class just finished presenting a drama, then the speaker called on their class. “Let the shining star come up on stage.” The speaker said and left the stage. Lucia became more nervous. “Lucy, let’s do this.” Richard said.

“Yes, let’s do it.” She said and they went up to the stage, when their classmates saw them they shouted and cheered them up. Lucia was the first to come to the front of the stage singing while Richard wait behind the stage for his turn. Lucia took a mic and started singing.


“I never dream cause I always thought day dreaming was for kids, just a childish thing.

And I could swear love is just a game dat children play and no more than a game.

Till I met you, I never knew wat love was

Till I met you, this feeling seems to grow more everyday I love more each day.” She finished singing and Richard walked towards her singing his part.


“I believe you, I believe in every word that you say I love you other way.

Now I could swear love is not a game that children play, so tell me that you will staaaaay.”


“Till I met you I never knew what love was, till I met you, this feeling seems to grow more everyday.. I love you more each day.”


“You and I should be together can’t you see (can’t you see) can’t you seeeeeeeeeeeee.”


Till I met you, I never knew wat love was

Till I met you,this feeling seems to grow more everyday I love you more each day uuuohohoh, till I met you, till I met you, till I met you, till I met uuuuu….Till I Met You.” They finished singing and looked at each other, the audience shouted and clapped for them. They dropped the mic and Lucia took Richards hand then a song was played and they started dancing, as they were dancing Lucia kept staring at Richard. He flipped her and the audience gasped thinking she was going to fall but Richard held her waist and drew her close, she gasped and looked at him and he smiled at her.

The dance ended and they bowed holding each other’s hand. The audience gave them a standing ovation and dey walked out of the stage. They all rushed to their class after the presentation, they were all happy and hailing Lucia and Richard, their class teacher followed behind them, she saw how excited they are and she smiled. They got to the class and sat down, Mrs Tony stood at the front of the class, she watch them as they murmured. “Ok, silent everyone.” She said “I can see how happy you all are and I must say am equally happy, I knew the shining stars can never loose, u always make me proud, Lucy and Richard you guys really did great, a round of applause for them.” Mrs Tony said smiling.

After addressing them, she left, Richard looked at Lucia and he smiled at her, she saw him smiling and she looked away. “Hey Lucy, you guys really did awesome, you were like a couple while on stage.” Betty said as she sat on Lucia’s desk and Vivian sat beside her.

“Betty, stop it.” Lucia said as she saw that Richard was looking at them.

“Oh sorry, I was just so excited.” Betty said.

“Well it’s true, I saw how sweet the both of you were looking at each other as u were singing.” Vivian said

“Can the both of you stop talking rubbish.” Lucia said angrily.

“Anyways, I really like that song you guys sang, can you transfer it to me?” Vivian asked

“I will but not now, you guys should go back to ur desk, I need to read.” Lucia said.

“Ok ma’am.” Betty and Vivian chorused and left. Some minutes later the dismissal bell was jingled and Lucia carried her bag and stood up to leave but Richard stopped her. “Lucy.” He called.

“Yes.” She answered

“So can we be friends now?” He asked

“Well, I don’t know, but I will think abt it.” Lucia said and went to meet her friends.



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