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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 4


After school Richard went to meet Lucia as she was about to leave with her friends. “Hi.” He said. Lucia looked at him and walked away.

The next day immediately the dismissal bell was jingled, Richard quickly pack up his books and went to Lucia. “Hey Lucy, are you done? We have togo to the practice room so we can start practicing.” He said but Lucia ignored him. She packed her stuff and called Betty and Vivian. “Let’s get going.” She said. They came to her and was about to leave, Richard grabbed her by the hand. “Lucy, we need to practice if you don’t want us to loose the presentation.” He said. Lucia shoved his hand away. “Is this the reason why you suggested we present a song? Because you want to get close to me? Well am sorry to say but it won’t work, I don’t care if we loose or not, and I thought you said you don’t know who Sonia is? But I saw you two together during lunch break.” Lucia said.

“Oh, I swear I didn’t know that was her name, she told me her name was Jenna.” Richard said

“What ever, just stop disturbing me.” Lucia said and walked away.

“Lucy, why are you like this? You have really changed this past few weeks, the Lucia I know before would never say she doesn’t care if our class loose the presentation or not, u used to care about our class.” Vivian said on their way.

“What are you saying?” Lucia asked

“Vivian is right, common Lucy, you shouldn’t allow your pride and ego get in the way of our class victory. You don’t like Richard fine, but don’t because of your personal feeling make us loose this presentation, and besides it wasn’t Richard who chose you to be his partner, he only made a suggestion, so why getting mad at him, if u don’t want to be his partner you shud have gone to Mrs Tony and tell her to replace you with someone else.” Betty said.

“You are the class president after all, you should be wishing for a the class successful.” Vivian said. Lucia looked at the both of them, she didn’t say anything as they walk to their dorm.

During recession the next day, Lucia went to the class and saw Richard sitting alone, she went to him and was about to say something but he stood up and walked away, she went after him, calling his name but he couldn’t hear her because of the earpiece in his ears, she was about to catch up with him then she saw a girl walking towards him, it was Sonia, they hugged each other and left. Lucia watch them as they left and she went back to the class. After the last lesson and the teacher left Lucia went to Richard and stood in front of his desk. “What do you want? You said I should stay away from you.” Richard said.

“Let’s practice.” Lucia said and Richard looked at him.

“I will be waiting in the practice room.” She said and went to Betty and Vivian.

“You two should go without me, am going to the practice room.” Lucia said

“Alright you shud go.” Betty said and Lucia left them.

Richard quickly pack up his books and dashed out of the class, he saw Lucia sitting inside the practice room, he walk to her and stood beside her. “Are you ready?” Richard asked. Lucia nodded positively

“Ok, let’s begin with the song, here have it.” He gave a paper to her. “That’s the lyrics.” He moved close to her and pierced his earpiece into her ears. “Listen to the tune.” He said. After listening to the music she gave his phone back to him. “Here.”

“Do you knw the tune now?” He asked

“Yes.” She said

“Ok, I will transfer it to ur phone later.” Richard said

“Alright, let’s begin the dance.” Lucia said.

“Okay.” Richard said and connected his phone to the speaker. He played a song and went to Lucia, he was about to teach her some steps, he was surprised when he saw that she could dance better than him, he looked at her as she was dancing, she stopped and turned to him. “what are you doing, let’s begin, as you can see I can dance so you don’t need to teach me.” Lucia said

“ok, so can I have this dance?” He stretched out his hand and Lucia took it and they began dancing.

They practiced the dance three times and Lucia became tired. “This is the third time we are dancing and am tired already.” She said.

“Let’s do it one more time.” Richard said

“Am tired I can’t.” Lucia said. Richard stopped the music and looked at Lucia as she was breathing fast. “Ok, let’s stop here, we’ll continue tomorrow.” He said

“Ok, I will be leaving then.” Lucia said

“Wait.” Richard said. He moves close to her and she moved back. “What is it?” She asked but he didn’t respond. He moved closer to her his chest almost touching hers and she gasped and moved back again. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“I removed this from your hair.” Richard said

“Thanks.” She said and took her bag to leave. “Here I won’t be needing this sheet anymore since you transferred the song to me already.” Lucia said

“What about the lyrics, do you know it already?” Richard asked

“Well no.” She said

“Then why giving back the sheet, just take it with you.” Richard said.

“Alright, I will leave now.” Lucia said and rushed out and Richard smiled.

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