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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 3


Weeks later Richard was still trying to get close to Lucia but she kept pushing him away, she was walking through the lobby during lunch break when she heard some group of girls talking about Richard. “Have you guys heard dat Richard, the new transferred student is now dating Sonia?” One of thegirls asked others.

“I heard the past few weeks he came to our school, he has dated about three girls and now he’s dating Sonia.” Another girl said “who knows, that might be the reason why he was transferred from his former school.” Another girl said. Lucia was pissed off by what the girls were saying, but she ignored them and went to her class. There wasn’t much students in the class, she entered the classroom and saw Richard, sitted on his sit with earpiece in his ears. She went to him and removed the earpiece from his ears. “Hey, wats wrong with you?” Richard asked

“I should be the one asking you that.” Lucia said

“What do you mean?” Richard asked confused

“What is your relationship with Sonia?” Lucia asked.

“Sonia? Who is Sonia?” Richard asked

“Hey, quit the pretence, you know exactly who am talking about, the whole school is talking about you, about how you’ve dated different girls in just the past few weeks you got transferred here. I knew from the first time I saw you, I knew you are a flirt, dat was why I don’t wanna have anything to do with you.” Lucia said.

“What are you saying, those aren’t true, it’s just a baseless rumors and besides I don’t even know this Sonia girl u are talking abt.” Richard said.

“Whatever, but you better keep your dating skills in check before the principal finds out, then u will be transferred from here again.” Lucia said

“You sound worried, why are you worrying about me? I thought you said you don’t like me.” Richard asked smiling.

“Fool, am not worried about you, am just telling u this because__.”

“Because what?” Richard asked.

“Because__I___I, because I don’t want you to ruin our class reputation, as the class president I have to be concerned.” Lucia said and walked away.

“Hmm, playing hard to get, hmm__ don’t worry, I will make you fall for me very soon.” Richard said to himself and put back his earpiece in his ears.

Lucia was sitting alone on the stairs, Betty and Vivian saw her and ran to her. “Lucy, Lucy.” Betty called.

“Yes what is it?” Lucia asked

“Have you heard?” Vivian asked.

“Heard what?” Lucia asked.

“Have you heard Richard is now dating Sonia from wild flower class after dating her best friend and dumping her?” Betty asked. Lucia stood up. “I don’t wanna hear anything about that idiot.” Lucia said

“Hey whats wrong? Why don’t you wanna talk about him?” Vivian asked

“No reason, I just don’t wanna talk or hear anything about him.” Lucia said

“Common Lucy, we are ur best friends, you can tell us anything.” Betty said

“Did you guys fight?” Vivian asked

“Ok, I already heard about him dating Sonia and I went to confront him.” Lucia said

“What!” Betty and Vivian exclaimed

“You confronted him?” Vivian asked

“Yes I did, I confronted him and he denied it, he said it’s just a rumor.” Lucia said

“And you believed him?” Betty asked

“Well not really but I also think it’s just a rumor, and he also said he doesn’t know who Sonia is.” Lucia said

“Really? Wait a minute Lucy, I thought you said you don’t like him, as in you dislike him, so why did u go and confront him? It’s none of your business.” Vivian said

“That’s because I don’t want the kids to start talking bad about our class because of him.” Lucia said

“Hmm, really?” Vivian asked

“Yes, let’s go, the break is over.” Lucia said and they went back to the class.

Some days later, the class teacher entered the class and the students greeted her. “Am here to inform you guys about the presentation coming up next week, all classes are to present what ever you know how to do, each class will have a representative and I want my class to be the best. So you guys should think of what to do and let me know.” The teacher said. The class was silent, no one was talking then Richard raised his hand. “Yes Richard, what do you have to say?” The teacher asked and the students turned to him. “Ma’am, I suggest we present a song and a dance.” Richard said

“Song and dance?” Mrs Tony asked

“Yes, since you said each class will have a representative, so in our class we can pick two representatives a boy and a girl, they will both sing a song and also dance.” Richard said.

“Nice idea, but Richard do u know any suitable song to present?” Mrs Tony asked

“Yes ma’am, I do.” Richard said

“Well then, if we have to go with that then you will be presenting it together with a girl but first does anyone have any other suggestions?” Mrs Tony asked. No one responded. “Ok then, so we all agree with Richards suggestion right?”

“Yes!!” The class chorused except Lucia.

“So Richard you will be presenting together with hmm.” She looked around “Lucia.” She said.

Lucia was shocked as her name was mentioned. She stood up and glared at Richard and he smiled.

“The two of you will be our class representative, a round of applause for them.” Mrs Tony said.

“But ma’am, I don’t know how to dance.” Lucia said

“Don’t worry I will teach you, am a good dancer.” Richard said.

“Did you hear, Richard said he will put you through, you will start practicing as from tomorrow.” The teacher said and starts leaving.

“But ma’am, damn.” Lucia said as the teacher walk out of the room.



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