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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 14 [Completed]



Chapter 14

They got downstairs, Lucia stopped walking. “Mum.” She called. Her mum turned and saw her standing. “Yes, whats wrong? Why are you standing there? Common let’s get going, you know I still have to go to the office and we need to go get you your uniforms before that.” Her mum said.

“Mum, I want to stay a little longer, I want to take a tour around the school beforeleaving.” Lucia said.

“What are you saying? I said we have to go buy ur uniforms and I also have to go to the office.” Mrs Santos said.

“You can go to the office, I will stay here for a bit and when am done I will go and get my uniforms myself.” Lucia said.


“Please mum, besides I don’t wanna go home now, it’s boring being home alone.” Lucia said with a pleading face.

“Okay fine, here have it.” Her mum gave her credit card to her.

“I can use mine.” Lucia said

“No use mine, make sure you don’t stay long, okay.”

“Okay mum.” Lucia smiled, her mum pecked her on the cheek and left.

Lucia walked around the school compound, she got to the basketball pitch and sat down on a chair and waited for the recession hour. An hour later the bell was jingled and few minutes later, students started coming out, some group of boys came to the basketball pitch, they saw Lucia and they stared at her, she quickly stood up and left. She went to Richards class and saw him sitting alone with his earpiece in his ears. She took her phone and dialed his number, it ranged and he picked up. Lucia entered the next class, few students were in, they looked at her strangely but she ignored them. “Hello.” Richard said.

“Hi, Richard where are you?” Lucia asked

“Am in my class.” Richard said

“Okay, can you go to the rooftop of your school?” Lucia asked

“Why should I go there?” Richard asked

“Just go, there’s something you will see there.” Lucia said.

“Something? What is it?” Richard asked

“Just go and stop asking questions.” Lucia said

“Okay, am going.” Richard said. He came out of his classroom and headed to the rooftop. Lucia saw him and followed him.

Richard got to the rooftop and stood there with his hands in his pocket. “Okay am on the rooftop, so what is it?” Richard asked. Lucia climbed up and stood behind him. “Turn around.” Lucia said

“Lucy, what is___.” He paused immediately he turned and saw Lucia smiling at him.

“Lucia? Is it really you? Or am I hallucinating?” Richard asked

“No you are not, it’s me.” Lucia said. Richard moved close to her, he touched her cheek and looked her in the eyes then he pulled her and hugged her tightly, then he remembered her reaction the last time he hugged her on the rooftop at hiddenville and quickly pulled away. Lucia was shocked at the way he suddenly pulled away from her. “Whats wrong? She asked

“Nothing, I just don’t want you to get awkward and leave like you did at hiddenville.” Richard said and Lucia smiled.

“How come you are here?” Richard asked her.

“I came here to see you.” Lucia said

“To see me?”

“Yes, to see you.” Lucia said

“Why? Why do you want to see me?” Richard asked

“Because I want to ask you a question.” Lucia said.

“A question? What question?” Richard asked.

“I want to ask you Richard Padilla to be my boyfriend.” Lucia said and Richard was stunned, he couldn’t believe his ears. “What did you just say?” He asked

“I said will you be my boyfriend?” Lucia asked. Richard looked at her and smiled. “Yes of course, have been dieing to be your boyfriend.” Richard said and hugged her. “I love you so much.” He said

“I love you too and I missed you.” Lucia said, Richard released her and looked into her eyes, he cupped her cheek in his hands and then he took her mouth into his and kissed her slowly. Lucia rapped her hand around his waist and deepened the kiss.

They kissed passionately, Richard stopped kissing her, he looked at her, her eyes were closed, she opened them and they stared at each other. “I love you so very much, Lucy.” Richard said

“I love you too, Richard.” Lucia said. Richard touched her lips softly, he kissed her forehead and her nose, then he kissed her jaw. Lucia eyes were closed and she reacted to every of his touch, he moved her hair to the back and saw how beautiful she was without her hair covering her face. He kissed her bare neck, Lucia got a chill down her spine, she whispered his name and he covered her mouth with his and kissed her with passion and longing, he bit her lower lips and she moaned, she rapped her hand around his neck. He placed her back against the wall and kissed every part of her body. They kissed for a while and finally broke free from each other. Jst then the bell was jingled. “You should go back to class, I will see you tomorrow morning.” Lucia said

“Tomorrow? You are coming tomorrow?” Richard asked

“Yes, I will be attending school here as from tomorrow.” Lucia said.

“Attending here?” Richard asked confused.

“I actually came here today with my mum to fill the necessary documents and tomorrow I will be resuming fully.” Lucia said

“Your mom? So where is she?” Richard asked.

“I told her to leave first, because I wanted to see you, I just want to always be with you, because I love you so much and I can’t bear being apart from you.” Lucia said.

“I don’t want to be apart from u also because I love you too.” Richard said. They smiled at each other, Richard held her hand and they walked away from the rooftop smiling at each other.



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