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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 13

Weeks later, very early in the morning, Lucia was at hiddenville with her mum. “Mum, don’t tell the principal the reason why I want to change school ok?” Lucia told her mum as she was on her way to the principal’s office. “Alright dear, u go to your dorm andget your things.” Her mum said. Lucia went to her dorm, Vivian and Betty saw her coming and they ran and hugged her. “Hey Lucy, why are you just resuming? The school resumed three days ago.” Betty said.

“We really missed you.” Vivian said

“I miss you guys too and am going to miss you even more.” Lucia said tearing up.

“Why did you say so?” Betty asked

“Am changing school.” Lucia said

“What! Changing school? Why?” Vivian asked.

“Am sorry I didn’t tell you guys Sooner.” Lucia said

“But why are you leaving?” Betty asked

“Am going to Miami high, thats the school Richard was transferred to.” Lucia said

“So you are leaving us because of Richard?” Vivian asked.

“Am sorry, but I can’t stay here without him.” Lucia said

“But you were doing just fine together with us before he was transferred to our school.” Vivian said

“That was before I fell in love with him, I miss him so much and I have to go to him, please understand.” Lucia said

“It’s okay Lucy, just do what will make you happy, if going to him will make you happy then go to him, am sure we’ll surely meet again someday.” Betty said and tears fell from Lucia’s eyes.

“Am sorry for choosing him over you guys.” Lucia said and Betty looked at Vivan and they both hugged her. “It’s okay Lucy.” Vivian said.

They followed Lucia to the room and help her pack her stuff, her mum came to them after speaking with the principal, Betty and Vivian greeted her and they helped Lucia carry her luggage to the car. “You guys should go now, before the lesson begin.” Lucia told them and the three of them hugged each other.

The following day Lucia got down from her mum’s car as they got to Miami high school, she and her mum walked to the school management, Lucia was shy as the students were staring at her. “Mum do I have something on my face? The students are all staring at me.” Lucia said

“No you don’t have anything on your face, they are all staring at you because you are beautiful.” Her mum said and smiled. They were directed to the principal’s office and when they got there, he asked them to sit and gave them a form to fill, after filling the form, Lucia gave it back to the principal, then he started discussing with Lucia’s mum, Lucia felt bored and left out and she took the opportunity and excused herself. “Dear, where are you going to?” Her mum asked her

“I want to use the restroom.” She said.

“Oh the restroom is very close to your new class.” The principal directed her and she walked out. She was walking through the passage way and saw a girl. “Please do you know Richard Padilla?” Lucia asked

“Yes, he’s my classmate.” The girl said

“Ok, so where is your class?” Lucia asked

“The third class by your left but there’s a lesson going on.” The girl said.

“Thank you.” Lucia said and started working to the class the girl directed her to. She got to the class and stood by the window. She peeped in and saw Richard sitting beside a boy, he was writing with full concentration. She couldn’t help but smile.

She stood there looking at Richard, her mum finished discussing with the principal and she came out looking for Lucia, she went to the restroom which the principal directed her to but when she got there she called on Lucia but no one answered her, then a girl came out of the restroom and it was the same girl Lucia saw earlier. “My dear.” Mrs Santos stopped her.

“Good day ma’am.” The girl greeted

“Please dear, did you see a girl wearing a jean jacket, she has a long black hair.” Mrs Santos described.

“Oh, yes I saw her.” The girl said.

“Please where did you see her?”

“She went to my class, I think she went there to see someone.” The girl said

“To see someone? Who does she know here, anyway please take me there.” Mrs Santos said.

“Sure, let’s go.” The girl said and Lucia’s mum followed her. Mrs Santos saw Lucia looking inside a class room and smiling.

“There she is.” The girl said.

“Yeah, thanks dear.” Lucia’s mum said and the girl went to her class.

“Lucy.” Mrs Santos called. Lucia was shocked, she saw her mum and quickly went to her. “What are you doing over there? Who were you looking at?” Her mum asked.

“No one mum, I was just checking out the classroom and comparing it to my old classroom and the teacher is quite funny, that was why I was smiling.” Lucia lied

“But a girl told me you were looking for someone.” Her mum said.

“Looking for someone? Who would I be looking for in a school I haven’t been before.” Lucia said

“Anyway, everything has been finalized and u are starting school tomorrow.” Lucia’s mum said

“Ok mum.” Lucia said and they started leaving, Lucia turned and looked at Richards class.

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