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In Love With A Playboy – Season Episode 11


After about an hour, Mrs Tony entered the class, she wasn’t happy, she called Richard and told him to go to the principal’s office. Richard stood up and walked out. “The rest of you settle down your lesson teacher will join you shortly.” She said and left. Richard came toschool the next day with his mum, and they went to the principal’s office, his class teacher and some other teachers were there. His mom sat down after the pleasantries and Richard sat beside her. “Ma’am, do you know why you were asked to come to the school today?” The vice principal asked.

“No, I have been asking my son but he refused to tell me.” Mrs Padilla said.

“Mrs Tony, please show the article to Mrs Padilla.” The VP said and the teacher gave the phone to Richards mum.

“So ma’am, now that you know the reason why we summoned you, your son will have to transfer to another school.” The VP said

“But sir, we don’t know if the information is true.” Mrs Tony said

“The pictures are the evidence, he was with about 6 different girls.” The Vice Principal said.

“He can’t just be transferred because of those pictures, those girls might be his friends. We don’t even know who the perpetrator is yet.” Mrs Tony said.

“It doesn’t matter whoever the perpetrator is.” Is the Vice Principal said.

“Richard, can you tell us if this information is true of false?” The principal asked.

“Yes it is, it’s true.” Richard said and his class teacher was surprised and his mum was ashamed.

“Now it is clear that the information is true, we can’t let him continue Schooling here, so he won’t be a bad influence to the other students, so you should leave now. Richard you don’t need to attend class today, your transfer papers will be ready by tomorrow so go home with ur mum.” The principal said.

Lucia couldn’t concentrate in class, she kept staring at the entrance, the teacher noticed her and called her attention. “Lucy, what are you looking at, you aren’t concentrating, whats the matter?” The teacher asked her. Lucia stood up, she looked at the entrance again before answering. “I__I___I.” She stammered then she heard someone whispered her name from the window, she turned and saw Richard. “What are you looking at?” The teacher asked. Lucia quickly turned back to the teacher. “I wasn’t looking at anything, I just want to make use of the restroom.” She said.

“Ok, you can go.” The teacher said and Lucia rushed out. She looked at the window where she saw Richard but he wasn’t there. “Where is he? He was standing right here.” Lucia said “or did he go to the restroom to wait for me.” She ran to the restroom, she looked everywhere but he wasn’t there. “Are you looking for me?” She heard his voice from behind her, she turned and looked at him. “You silly, what happened in the principal’s office?” Lucia asked.

“Why were you standing in the class?” Richard asked ignoring her question

“Please tell me, am really curious, what did the principal say?” Lucia asked.

“Am transferring school.” Richard said

“Really? Then I guess you came to say goodbye?” Lucia asked sadly

“Yea.” Richard said

“I have to go back to the class, the lesson is still going on.” Lucia said and turned her back on Richard, she became teary.

“Am going to miss you.” Richard said. Tears fell from her eyes and she walked away without looking back.

After school dat day, Lucia saw Chloe with her friends on their way home, Lucia excused herself from Betty and Vivian and she walked over to Chloe. “Hey Chloe.” She called. Chloe saw her coming and stopped. “Yes, whats wrong.” She asked. Lucia got to where she was standing and gave her a slap on her face. “This is for slapping me the other time.” She said and gave her another slap. “And these is for wgat you did to Richard.” Lucia said. Chloe tried to retaliate but Lucia was quick to hold her hand. “I won’t let you slap me twice.” Lucia said and Chloe jacked off her hand. “How dare you.” She said

“You are happy now that he has transferred school right.” Lucia said

“Yes, I am over excited that he has transferred, because if he can’t be mine then I will never let anyone else have him either.” Chloe said and walked away. Lucia was pissed off, she watch her as she walked away, Betty and Vivian walked up to her and took her away.

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