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Illumination – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5:

She wasn’t kidding – she had a flat in Soho itself, down a fairly gloomy little street a few blocks away. As she fumbled with her keys, he suddenly worried that this might be a set-up – what if she was doing this for money?

Candice seemed to read the expression on his face, even in the dim street-lighting, for she said: “I don’t do this, by the way. Not usually. I’m not a call girl. I just happened to like you.”

All Tom could think of to say was: “Why?”

Door open, she draped herself over him again, and with her lips just millimetres from his, she said: “You saved my life.”

He looked at her, and it came back to him. She was the girl from the street. She must have had him brought into her club after he had thrown himself in front of the car to protect her.

She saw that he was uncomfortable in the role of life-saver, that she was wanting to sleep with him because she felt he owed her something. She said: “Yeah – and besides, you’re cute and you made me come more than anyone I’ve ever known.”

He smiled warmly, and she threw herself at him.

In a rush, they were in through the door, and he was following her up narrow stairs to another door, which in turn led to a tiny flat. He didn’t notice his surroundings particularly, his focus entirely on her, his beautiful nymph, his cock so hard for her. And they were scrambling to remove their clothes, collapsing together on the small unmade bed.

He kissed her knees, then slowly up her skin. Her skin tasted so very clean, with the slight scent of apples from the shower she’d taken after her dancing shift had ended. He reached her inner thighs, from where the scent of her oozing vagina was becoming strongly apparent.

Under a sprinkling of golden pubic hair, her soft pink vulva glistened with her moisture. He had wonderful access to her succulent folds, and carefully began to lick around the light curls that sprouted around her labia and on her mound. He looked up, his gaze moving over her slender figure to meet her eyes and reflect her smile before he placed his tongue on her pussy lips.

Flat at first, he gently pulled his tongue over her inner labia, tasting her irresistible juices from her pussy once again, this time with him in control. It was wonderful: salty, tangy, slightly sweet – the refined taste of femininity. Exquisite. He penetrated her hot vagina with his tongue, then began to really eat her, driving his tongue inside her, lapping up her free-flowing nectar.

He found her clitoris and flicked it gently with his tongue, licking around the little sensitive bud before diving back into her wet pussy. When he felt she was ready, he concentrated more on her clit, engulfing it in the heat of his wet mouth, sucking gently for small bursts, building up in intensity as her noises increased.

Candice’s slender thighs locked against his ears and her hands pulled his head down, urgently seeking every pleasure his mouth could permit. He lapped up her free-flowing juices – his every sense tied up with her pussy. It was such an intimate moment, such an erotic act.

Looking up briefly, he smiled as he saw her stroking her beautifully-shaped little breasts. Her moaning became louder and louder, steadily more desperate for full release. Jack kept up the maximum contact he could with her velvety pussy lips and stiffened little clit with his mouth and his tongue, mopping up her tangy emissions as best he could, but as he detected her climax approaching, he went one step further and slipped a finger gently into the girl’s vagina.

He loved how wet she became from his efforts, which only drove him on to lap up her ambrosia like a man possessed. It wasn’t long before her hands closed around his head, pulling him tight against her pussy as she rode his mouth to earth-shattering orgasm.

Candice bucked like a wild horse as her massive orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Breathlessly, her moans turned into high-pitched yelps as the surge of energy swept through her and a flood of her come poured from her rose-petal pussy lips, which Tom sampled like a fine wine.

“Oh God, I can’t believe how good you make me feel!” she said as he licked her clean, being careful to avoid her most sensitive areas. “You aren’t going to stop now, are you?”

“Absolutely not,” he grinned.

“Fuck me, then. Now.”

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