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If You Were Me – Season 4 – Episode 4

Episode 4

I packed everything I had left in the room. My replacement came on the third day and that was the day I left.

My roommate gave me almost all the money and food she had with her and told me not to worry about her, she would ask her parents for more. We had talked about possible jobs for me and she had suggested quite a number for me and that was what I was going after now.

Even though i had nowhere to go, I had a plan a new dream I was after and that was enough to guide me.Walking with everything I was carrying wasn’t easy, so I took a taxi away to the last bus stop and a bus away to nowhere in particular. I didn’t know the place before, I just wanted to be far away in some new place.

The first thing I did was to find a place a could call home after a long day of tedious walk, I was lucky. I found an abandoned shop at an obscure but secure corner in an old street full of beggars and extremely poor families. It wasn’t a dirty area as one would have expected with the number of helpless people that lived there. Though it wasn’t entirely clean either and I spent the entire evening cleaning my surrounding.

I swept the shop, washed the floor and the walls, swept the surroundings and put up large blankets around the window and doorway. The people didn’t stare much. Even with the bag and baggage they saw with me, they didn’t stare much and that above all things gave me that natural feeling that I was safe.

I wanted to make dinner a little surplus so my neighbours could have something to eat but there wouldn’t be enough to go round and I didn’t want anyone to feel sad or anything so I made just enough for that night and the following morning.

I didn’t have a hard time falling asleep, and I didn’t have nightmares when I did.

The night was cool and quiet when everyone had gone to sleep and I was the last person to leave outside.

I had sat down in front of my new home, gazing atthe stars in the night sky, thinking of my unborn baby and what the future held for us. It was the first time I ever really thought of the baby and it was there, that night that I decided to keep the baby.

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