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If You Were Me – Season 5 – Episode 4

Episode 4

She told us how to go about it and God knows, it wasn’t going to be that easy for us because none of us, not my friend or I had any knowledge of food and nutrition and worse still, I was the only one who had some level of college education.

Then an idea struck me. We needed help with our business and roommate happened to have studied exactly just want we had problem with, food and nutrition. I chided myself for not having thought about this earlier and then I popped the question. It only took a little moment for her to agree happily to work with us. And that was it, the great revolution we needed.

She came over to our place the third day and that was how we went boom. It only took a few months and we had already gotten our business registered and two large warehouses for production but we stilllived together because we loved each other’s company that much.

That was how the three of us became business partners and not just ordinary business partners, three of us were the CEOs of the company but my roommate represented us whenever we were meeting someone very important.

I had a fifty percent share of the company. My friend had thirty five and my roommate had fifteen. We bought for ourselves cars, sent our children to school and I enrolled for a night class in a business school which greatly boosted our business more when I was done.

We expanded our base of production. We got four more warehouses all over the state and we became a company with over five hundred employees.

Sometime later, my roommate got married and moved out. My friend started seeing someone and she stayed at his place most of the time, which left me. I didn’t take a husband or much less a boyfriend because I just couldn’t. It was easy for the rest of them to move on but for me, the event that happened on that night of my birthday had caused irreparable trauma for me and I couldn’t stand the thought of sleeping with a man. It only brought back those very ugly and scary memories that I did all my best to bury.

It was on one such day I was alone that I heard the soft knock on my door. When I opened it, my jaw dropped. It actually dropped.

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