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If You Were Me – Season 4 – Episode 7 [Completed]

Episode 7

December 4 2013

I went into labour while I was doing the dirty laundry for a woman. The woman who was one of the friendliest people to me in that area was quick to call out to other neighbours and instead of rushing me to a hospital, they decided that they were going to save me money and they called on a neighbour’s daughter who was a real nurse to come take the delivery.

I was delivered of a baby boy and I returned home early with of course lots of gifts from the people who had grown to love me. When i got home, I was assisted by a friendly (actually a friend) neighbour, a girl only a few years older than me but with two kids. She took great care of me and the baby and didn’t allow me to do a thing.

She was kind of my friend and the only educated and young person of my age there, and she too like me had been sent out of her parent’s house for getting pregnant at a young age. Her‘s was worse. She had been on the streets for ten years and she had to beg to take care of her twins.

I’d never for once imagined that my parents would be by my side when I was having my first child, but it brought tears to my eyes knowing I didn’t have anyone to call family and would never ever have again.  Saying goodbye was really hard than one would have thought and so that day, I decided I was going back home to see my parents.

I imagined that now that I had had the baby, maybe they would have some mercy on us. Living on the streets, matter how safe it seems, is never safe.

When my baby was a month old, I packed most of my things and left some behind just in case I had to return, and I made for my parents house. I don’t have to make things unnecessarily long here, they rained abuses on me and didn’t even allow me to step inside the house. They said I was no longer their daughter and they had regretted having me since the day I was born.

I shouldn’t have cried, but I did. Saying goodbye was just so painful. I didn’t see my sister and God knew I wanted so much to tell her thank you for helping me that day.

Then I stopped crying and I told myself that come what may, I would never have anything to do with them again, from that day till the end of my days.

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