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If You Were Me – Season 4 – Episode 5

Episode 5

The next morning, cock crows woke me with a smile.

Anyone who saw me smiling that morning would think I was crazy but i wasn‘t. Life was rough and I had a new purpose.

I found a place to take my bath. I warmed the left over food from yesterday night, ate till I was full, put on a good dress and went out to find a job.

I went knocking from door to door, asking if there was anything I could do for them. I volunteered to fetch their water, do their dishes and laundry, run errands for them or clean the house for them for a far lesser price than they usually paid for those things but indubitably still a good price for me.

Most of them didn’t have anything for me to do immediately, some of them promised me work the coming month, but a number of them had menial things I could do like fetch water, mend clothes with a hand needle, pick grains and clean some parts of their houses that had never been touched for years.

Some of them even took pity of my condition and gave me food, old clothes and a few gave me a little more than I had charged. All in all, most of the people were very nice to me. Some didn’t trust me at first but as the months passed and they watched me do my work, they found out that i was reliable, trust worthy and hardworking and they trusted me with a lot of things.

I finished the day with so much joy in my heart that I almost cried out of it. It was the first time in my life I was treated with so much love and kindness. The people didn’t judge me. The few who asked for my story broke down in tears and gave me things. Those whom didn’t have material things to give me did it in form of words of encouragement and prayers and those who didn’t mind went ahead to hug me.

I went home with more things than I had brought with me. I was able to get a poor carpenter to fix a cheap door at the shop and I secured it with a lock. It became a real home to me.

I sold off most of the things they gave me and kept saving all the money I made. It was the real and true beginning of good things for me.

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