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If You Were Me – Season 4 – [Episode 1 – 7]

If You Were Me

If You Were Me

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Story Title: If You Were Me

Episodes: 7

Category: Crime, S*x 

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Summary: Seven years ago, she was gang rapedby five men on the night of her birthday. Out ofshame, guilt and denial, she made the though andprobably the worst decision of her life to keep theincident secret from everyone. What could be worsethan contracting an STD from rape? I’ll tell you what.

She was only lucky that she didn’t contract an STD,but what finally hit her was worse than an STD, shebecame and was almost killed by the very parentswho were supposed to protect her. She was kickedout of the house, stripped of every possible hope of abetter life and forced to live with the poor and thehelpless. But karma is a bitch, and if anyone is goingto know this, it is her parents who came back afterseven years, begging for her forgiveness and for herto come back.

If you passed through what she happened to passthrough, what would you do if you were her?

Episode 1

As if sending me out of the house at night into the middle of a heavy rain wasn’t enough. As if beating me nearly to death the day they learnt I was pregnant wasn’t enough, they had gone ahead and screwed the little hope I had for a better tomorrow.

I left the office for nowhere in particular. My parents had outsmart me. They had anticipated my moves and so had gotten here before me.

I sat on a concrete bench and sunk my head between my thighs. How coukd anyone be so cruel. How could a parent hate their own child that much. I triedagain to find an answer to that very question I had asked myself times without number but none were forthcoming.

My parents hated me so much but they loved my sister. I was five years older than her. I was older than her but she was more intelligent than I was. Though I wouldn’t say I was gorgeous but what Ilacked In intelligence, I certainly made up for in beauty.

Whereas my sister never failed an exam, i had to write the qualifying exams for college three times in three years before making it. Even then, my parents had refused to pay for any other exam after I failed the first one. Luckily for me, the money was quite small and I had to sell a number of my things to be able to afford the fee.

When I got admitted into college, they didn’t rejoice with me but they paid my school fees like other parents did and they gave me pocket money when they could. They did these things for me but even then, I could see that they were waiting patiently for the day I would screw up and they would stop paying my school fees but this, this was too much.

They had gone too far.

I didn’t write exams that qualified me for this college with their money and they had no business doing what they had done but it was over now.

They won.

They had won.

The tears that had glazed my eyes started to fall. College had been my last hope and now that the hope had shattered, I didn’t know what to do again.

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