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If You Were Me – Season 3 – Episode 7 [Completed]

Episode 7

June 20 2013

I left for campus early that morning. I knew academic sessions would have began by that time but that didn’t worry me at all. Students did that all the time. I got there at midday and went straight for my room. My roommate wasn’t home and I no longer had the key to the room so I had to wait outside for her to return.

Many students passed by me and though I was wearing a large dress, they had no problem seeing that I was pregnant. They didn’t look at me with contempt or shake their heads as some adults would do and I was grateful for that. Students could be really understanding when a fellow student is involved.

My roommate returned late in the afternoon and she was excited to see me. We went inside and she asked me how I had gotten pregnant. I told her a short version of the story, leaving out the horrifying and pathetic parts and when I was done, there were tears in her eyes. She expressed sincere sympathy at what had happened to me and that night, I ate the best breakfast I had eaten in four months and when it was time to sleep, I slept like a baby.

The next morning, I left for class like every other student. My protruding stomach turned a few heads but it didn’t bother me. I was back in school again and after everything I had passed through, the last thing that could bother me was what anyone thought of me.

Many of my classmates were happy to see me again but most of them didn’t ask how I had gotten pregnant. They knew such things were private and delicate and so they didn’t poke nose. It wasn’t that long after I had gotten to class when the first lecturer for the day walked in.

He did a double take when he saw me as though hewasn’t expecting me. Then he turned to me fully and asked me to visit the provosts office immediately. I was greatly angered by this. Why should I report to the provost’s office just because I was pregnant.

I picked my little bag and left the class. And that was the last time I stepped in or out of a campus classroom. The provost didn’t know who I was or what the lecturer had sent me there for at first, butwhen I told him my name, he took one long sad look at me then shook his head.

That expression and little act told me I wasn’t at his office for my pregnancy, I was at the office for something bigger. Then he hit the nail on the head.

I was to leave the school premises as soon as I could because I was no longer a student of that college. I don’t know what my parents had done or said, but my admission had been withdrawn at the beginning of my final year.

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