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If You Were Me – Season 3 – Episode 6

Episode 6

She said she had noticed that I was new on the street and I didn’t look like I belonged on the street. I was surprised she said that. I didn’t exactly look different from the other girls hawking or begging on the street. Though my body didn’t look as dirty, but my clothes did. I was stick thin and sick looking.

I explained what had happened to her and for a couple of split seconds, doubt flashed in her eyes but it soon disappeared as soon as it came when she saw the tears in mine. She looked sad and worried and she said to me that though she didn’t have money to give to me, she could teach me what she did for aliving if i wanted to learn.

I replied quickly that I would love to and she told me that she sold bottles to a little plastic factory. She told me what kind of bottles they bought, what quantity they bought and how to reach them.

I was really grateful for the knowledge. I didn’t have anything to eat that day but at least I knew that Icould have something tomorrow and that something might just be enough to buy me an old skirt and some food.

For the first time since I left home, I saw a tiny spark of light at the end of my pitch dark tunnel but mostly importantly, I felt my spirit, the part of me that Ithought was dead, I felt it stirring again like it had been buried under something for so long and it was finally going to rise again.

It had already started to get dark and I didn’t want to be out after dark. I thanked the woman profusely for the great help and ran off to my bus house.

That night, I slept a little better than I did the previous night. Partly because I felt was very tired but mostly because I was a bit thrilled by the prospect of really having a job, good food, clothes and shelter.

I wouldn’t really say that job turned my life around, but I certainly did steer it a little. I did the job for a whole month till I had saved more than enough for my transport fare back to school. My pregnancy had already started to show and I knew it would be hard working on campus in that condition to support myself, but I was never one who shied away from hardship.

Those were my thoughts but little did I know that a bigger surprise was waiting for me in school.

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