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If You Were Me – Season 3 – Episode 4

Episode 4

The money I had in my bank account couldn’t suffice for my transport fare and I needed food even more than I needed to flee. I got some food, got a dirt cheap t-shirt at a flea shop and started to roam the street for menial jobs I could do.

I didn’t stay near home, I took a taxi away to thefarthest bus stop the money I had with me could get me.

My first job was a dishwasher at a local restaurant. The woman paid me miserably at the end of the day because I looked just as miserable and I was desperate to earn something. I didn’t know what that had to do with anything but I didn’t complain. I left her place in the evening in search of something else to do before dark.

I came across a woman picking bottles at a car park and I volunteered to help her pick them but when she told me that she couldn’t give me any money for my efforts and all she could give me was a few of the bottles, I left the park and wandered for a while till it started to become dark.

I abandoned my search for a job and started to look for a place to sleep for the night. There were many shops around but they were either plain in sight from the road or too close to the road or near car parks. I wouldn’t have minded spending the night in one of them, but I was scared.

I wasn’t scared of the night, I was scared of the things that happened at night. The kind of thing that got me where I was. Finally, I found a mechanicgarage with a number of abandoned automobiles in it.

I spent the night in an old seatless bus that was missing all its glasses but that wasn’t important to me. The most important thing was not being in sight of the cruel creatures of the night.

I didn’t sleep well that night. Mosquitoes tormented me and I had to listen for sounds of danger but still it was better than sleeping on your feet in the rain outside your parents’ house.

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