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If You Were Me – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 7]

If You Were Me

If You Were Me

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Story Title: If You Were Me

Episodes: 7

Category: Crime, S*x 

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Summary: Seven years ago, she was gang rapedby five men in the night of her birthday. Put ofshame, guilt and denial, she made the though andprobably the worst decision of her life to keep theincident secret from everyone. What could be worsethan contracting an STD from rape? I’ll tell you what.

She was only lucky that she didn’t contract an STD,but what finally hit her was worse than an STD, shebecame pregnant and was almost killed by the veryparents who were supposed to protect her. She waskicked out of the house, stripped of every possiblehope of a better life and forced to live with the poorand the helpless. But karma is a bitch, and if anyoneis going to know this, it is her parents who cameback after seven years, begging for her forgivenessand for her to come back.

If you passed through what she happened to passthrough, what would you do if you were her?

Episode 1

May 16 2013

I had anticipated the coming of this hell but what I hadn’t imagined was the degree of the hotness of the fire in it.

I had run out of food and pills. The food, I needed but the pills, I didn’t. I needed food not only for myself, but also for the growing baby in me I knew better than to try and take food from the kitchen so, on the night of the 16th of may , I went out for the first time after three weeks with my umbrella and bank card to withdraw from the little money I had in my bank account to get some food for myself. It was raining lightly and I wouldn’t have gone out in the rain or in the evening, but it had been raining since that morning and I had waited for so long for it to end but it didn’t.

I hadn’t eaten anything since the morning of the previous day and I was already starting to feel dizzy. I got the money and got the food. It wasn’t that much, but it would suffice me for that night and the following morning. The rain got heavier and I had towait for more than an hour for it to abate but it didn’t. I was scared of the night and I didn’t want to go home after dark so I entered the rain with my little umbrella and ran home as quickly as I could. By the time I got home, I was all drenched and I had started to shiver a little.

I opened the door and walked right into my father. He looked at me like he had seen a ghost, then he yelled. “What in the name of the seven heavens is this girl doing in my house!” The noise brought my mother out of her room and she looked equally shocked as he was

She looked me from up to down. Her eyes rested on the bowl of food I was carrying for a while and then it flicked back to me. “Leave this place with that curse you’re carrying in your stomach now!” She yelled.

I looked back outside through the still open door. It was dark and still raining heavily outside. I was drenched and shivering from the cold and they could see that. There were plaster casts all over my body from the injuries I had sustained from their beating. I hadn’t gained much weight since the last time they saw me and they saw all these. They saw everything but they were still going to hurt me despite that.


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