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If You Were Me – Season 2 – Episode 6

Episode 6

“This girl is not sick, she’s pregnant!” My mother said.

I shut my eyes at once. Out of pain or out of fear, I didn’t know. My father was quiet and I couldn’t see him but I knew that he must have looked equally as stunned as my mother. I tried not to cry. I tried so hard but the sobs broke out and I couldn’t stop them.

They didn’t hit me again, but I knew better than to expect better. My mother was sure I was pregnant and she darted out of the house. In a few minutes, she was back with the local auxiliary nurse whom they handed me over to whenever I was really sick.

The woman‘s eyes popped when she saw me and for the first time in my life I actually saw pain in someone’s eyes for me. My mother told the woman what she had discovered with contempt and instructed her to confirm it. The woman looked at me with horror. Not horrified that I could be pregnant, but horrified by the thought of what could happen to me if I was.

She made me lay flat on my back and did the physical examination on me. Then she shook her head in pity and a tear dropped from her eyes. I was sure that even if she had confirmed otherwise, mymother would still have insisted that she was right and the woman was wrong.

The woman looked at me deeply with sad questioning eyes. “What have you done?” She asked. Tears spilled from my eyes. I shook my head again and again. I didn’t do anything. I was raped.

The woman stood up and looked grimly at my parents. Then she nodded.

I saw hell flash through my father’s eyes. My mother sat back on a couch. The duo glared at me like I was the devil’s child and not theirs. The local nurse bent down by my side and helped me sit up. “Why?” She asked. “I didn’t do anything. I was raped.” I answered and she winced in pain.

She asked me when and where and I told her everything that had happened. My parents looked like they were actually going to believe and that was when my mother got it in her to ask for evidenceproof.

Then the gravity of the situation I was in dawned on me. I had destroyed every single thing. I had none!

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