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If You Were Me – Season 2 – Episode 5

Episode 5

The knock on the door became louder and impatient. I could hear my mother yelling at me from behind the door. I struggled to get up, though it was hard but I was able to and then I opened the door.

As I did, a blast of cold air from outside hit my face and with every fibre of my being I wished I could take that moment back but I couldn’t. It happened so fast. I didn’t have time to think or restrain myself as the air hit me and I threw up on my mother‘s feet.

The woman shrieked as if in pain and threw me a blinding slap. I reeled backwards and fell to the ground again. My father stormed in and kicked me on my rump. “You devil of a child, I will make you regret the day you were born!” My mother screamed and hit me with her bag. Just so you remember, all I ever did was vomit.

She continued to hit me with it and my father did not stop kicking me either. He kicked me everywhere he could, including between my legs and that brought fresh excruciating pain to me. My parents were hitting me like they were going to kill me and I was lying on the floor, begging for them to stop it but they didn’t stop.

They continued to hit me like that till I retched and vomited the second time. They jumped back in fear and fixed hateful looks on me. They were quiet as they looked at my thin and blistered body and I felt that was the only time I would have their attention so I ignored the pain in my head and on my broken lips and told them I needed their help.

I had read somewhere that no matter how much a child was bad or ugly, no matter how much people hated that child, its mother would still find a place in her heart to love it. It was that teeny tiny love in mymother’s heart that I hoped for and I faced her directly. I pleaded with her. Told her the throwing up wasn’t intentional. Told her I was sick and I needed help and I thought I had hit it but when I looked into her eyes, all I saw was a deep and impalpable amount of hatred.

Whatever I had said only did the opposite of what I had hoped. She didn’t say a word but raked her gaze all over my body, then I eyes widened at once with a new discovery. She looked from me to my father then back to me.

I didn’t know what it was, bit I knew it was bad. My father looked at her with a questioning look and I braced myself for the revelation that would spell my doom.

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