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If You Were Me – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 7]

If You Were Me

If You Were Me

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Story Title: If You Were Me

Episodes: 7

Category: Crime, S*x 

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Summary: Seven years ago, she was gang rapedby five men on the night of her birthday. Out ofshame, guilt and denial, she made the though andprobably the worst decision of her life to keep theincident secret from everyone. What could be worsethan contracting an STD from rape? I’ll tell you what.

She was only lucky that she didn’t contract an STD,but what finally hit her was worse than an STD, shebecame pregnant and was almost killed by the veryparents who were supposed to protect her. She waskicked out of the house, stripped of every possiblehope of a better life and forced to live with the poorand the helpless. But karma is a bitch, and if anyoneis going to know this, it is her parents who cameback after seven years, begging for her forgivenessand for her to come back.

If you passed through what she happened to passthrough, what would you do if you were her?

Episode 1

It was some minutes past four when I got home that day.

The gate of our little fence hadn’t been locked, that was understandable since I was the last person to leave the house the previous day. The door had however been locked and I knew better than to go knocking on it at that time of the day in my condition. But getting in wasn’t even going to be a problem at all.

I limped painfully round the house to where my bedroom was and slipped in through a small window that had been serving as my door since God knows when on nights when I snuck out. Luckily for me, the window was only waist high and I didn’t have to climb through to get in.

I fell onto my bedroom floor with a painful thud and was too weak to even wince at the pain. At that moment, all I wanted was to lie down there and allow the life to seep out of me. If I died, I wouldn’t be missed and for a fleeting moment, that seemed perfect for me, but for some reason, I started to crawl and claw my way away from where I had fallen by the window. I had to get myself cleaned up.

I tried to pull myself up to seat but I couldn’t. Even if I was successful, I doubt I would have been able to sit out of the terrible soreness of my lady parts and asshole. I took off the dress I was wearing with groans and winces, threw it off to a corner of the room and started to claw again to the bathroom.

I was going to wash it all off me.

The stains.

The taints.

The pain.

As if they could be washed off just like that.


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