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If You Were Me – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6

I was confused. The young boy had walked into the dark corner without anyone noticing and when they all saw him, they only grinned in response and resumed watching the man who was definitely going to break my back and skull with interest.

He walked towards us and tapped the man on the back. The man took one look at him and continued with his hard work. The boy grumbled and grunted in displeasure, but the man didn’t pay any attention to him. It was only when he started to pull at the man’s shirt that the man finally released me and I crumbled to the ground like a piece of cloth and the boy spoke.

“Daddy, let me have my turn too.” He cried.


I couldn’t see the men, but I could hear the obvious daddy grunting about how totally loose I had become but the boy quickly replied that he could manage it and they approached me again. They got hold of me and flipped me over on the ground for the young boy. He took off his trousers too like the men but his trousers weren’t the only thing that he took off, he took off the whole of my dress.

The other men hailed and cheered him and that greatly invigorated him. He sucked, bit and pinchedme with the vigour and inexperience of a teenager then he didn’t just thrust into me, he laid on me and kissed me. All over my face and my lips. When he was done doing that, he returned his attention to between my legs and did whatever little he could do till the men dragged him up, claiming they had to go.

All this while as the boy performed his thing I could only watch in horror and not even contempt because if anything was certain, it wasn’t what the men had done that broke me completely, it was the boy.

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