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If You Were Me – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5

Blood and semen ran down from my body and dripped from my butt to the floor. When he was done, he stood up sullenly and with an innocent look like he was not capable of hurting a fly and I saw that he was the oldest of them all. Probably in his late sixties.

The next two were much younger than the second man but not much younger than the first. They didn’t hurt more than the first man but that didn’t lessen the pain. I was dry and I was badly injured between my legs and somehow, that seemed to spike their interest.

I didn’t know how I managed to stay alive through it all, for I should have died. I felt pain beyond measurable amounts that night and there was no way I would have expected anyone to survive it.

When it came to the turn of the last one, he squealed with joy and I knew, I just knew that the last would be the worst.

He asked them to turn me over so their combined semen and my blood could drain out of me. He waited for a couple of minutes, then he asked them to drop me. They didn’t look puzzled or anything and that was because they knew what he was going to do and they knew I couldn’t possibly crawl after what had just been done to me.

I tried to pull myself up when I hit the ground, but I couldn’t. Then the man grabbed me by the waist from behind and pulled me up to my feet. He pushed me to a wall and bent my back till my torso was almost horizontal with the ground. Then he grabbed both cheeks of my butt and splayed them widely apart. There was no need splaying my legs, they were already wide apart and only when my butt cheeks were as far apart as they could ever be did he plunge into the shit hole.

Others sneered and grunted in displeasure over his discovery and complained that he could have at least reminded them of the tigher hole. He kept slamming and slamming into me, not minding that my head hit the wall each time and he was still slamming like that when suddenly a a voice squeaked out in delight.

It was the voice of a boy. A young boy.

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