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If You Were Me – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

The dress I was wearing didn’t help things. It hardlyreached my knee and the net leggings was only atotal turn on.

The guy reached me and tugged at the hem of mydress. He pulled it up and my pretty black pantstared right back at him. He didn’t take the effort topull it off, instead, he ripped it apart and threw awaythe ripped pant.

I tried so hard to beg him or free myself but no suchthing was going to happen that night.

He plunged into me unbidden and unannounced with so much force that I felt a wave of shock run through me. I cried and begged but it was as good as doing nothing. I couldn’t even see their faces in the darkness but I could hear them giggling and chuckling as the first man thrust back and forth.

It took him as long as it took for him to have four late orgasms and by the time he was done, I was already all sore and out of breath. Then he stood up, his eyes gleamed with satisfaction and the next man took his place.  He didn’t keep his trousers on either and he was more cruel and forceful than the first one.

He stuck himself firmly between my legs and pushed my dress up further for better satisfaction. He tore through me hungrily, like a man who hadbeen sex starved for years and was doing it with a prostitute like it was his last day on earth.

He held me thighs firmly and tight to himself, spread my legs further widely apart till he was sure any other force would dislocate them from my pelvic bone and kept thrusting with cruel determination. His orgasms came later than the first man’s but that didn’t make him stop. Not until he had four. His was a moment of terrible pain and when he was done, I was bleeding badly.

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