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If You Were Me – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

I tried to snatch it back from the one who had takenit but I couldn’t, and it was then that I noticedmovement behind me. I turned around and foundthree other men standing behind me. This wasstarting to get serious. I felt fear tug somewhere atthe back of my heart but I tried to mask it so theywouldn’t notice it.

I turned around slowly in circles, trying to find my way out of the ominous ring but I didn’t see a way out. Then they started to close in on me. “What do you guys want!” I yelled but not a single one of them answered me.

They grinned and their eyes twinkled with evil. Then suddenly, one grabbed at my hair from behind and as I opened my mouth to scream, the cigarette man stuffed a dirty rag in my mouth. I thought I was being abducted for a ransom from my parents but when they grabbed my hands and dragged me into a darker corner, I knew something was off.

First, one had started to undo the buckle of his belt and they didn’t have a rope to tie me with. Instead, one of them kicked me suddenly at my shin and I lost my balance. Then the other four quickly got hold of each of my limbs, splayed my legs, obviously for immaculate penetration and clutchedthem firmly, raising my body a little above the floor. Then what they were doing dawned on me. The perfect position for an intense gang rape.

I screamed and kicked, but the men who held me weren‘t boys and they held me firmly like they had been doing this their whole life.

The man unbuckling his belt was soon done with it but he didn’t just draw down his trousers, he took them off completely. I saw that he was hard, and I averted my gaze quickly from the unholy sight. I continued to scream for help, trying to tell them not to do what they were going to do to me and abductme for some exorbitant amount if they liked even though I doubted my parents would ever want to ransome but they couldn’t hear through the gag.

Sweat streamed down my body and tears soon joined it as the totally pantless man approached me.

The dress I was wearing didn’t help things. It hardly reached my knee and the net leggings was only a total turn on.

The guy reached me and tugged at the hem of my dress. He pulled it up and my pretty black pant stared right back at him. He didn’t take the effort to pull it off, instead, he ripped it apart and threw away the ripped pant.

I tried so hard to beg him or free myself but no such thing was going to happen that night.

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