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If You Were Me – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 7]

If You Were Me

If You Were Me

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Story Title: If You Were Me

Episodes: 7

Category: Crime, S*x 

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By the writer of “Forgive me”

Summary: Seven years ago, she was gang raped by five men on the night of her birthday. Out of shame, guilt and denial, she made the though and probably the worst decision of her life to keep the incident secret from everyone. What could be worse than contracting an STD from rape? I’ll tell you what.

She was only lucky that she didn’t contract an STD, but what finally hit her was worse than an STD, she became pregnant and was almost killed by the very parents who were supposed to protect her. Of course, no one believed she was telling the truth.

She was kicked out of the house, stripped of every possible hope of a better life and forced to live with the poor and the helpless. But karma is a bitch, and if anyone is going to know this, it is her parents who came back after seven years, begging for her forgiveness and for her to come back.

If you passed through what she happened to pass through, what would you do if you were her?

Episode 1

February 24, 2013

I was raped.

Gang raped by five men.

Not boys, men.

And one boy.

A little boy of about 13.

It was my birthday. And a hot night in the middle of summer. I was returning from the night club I had gone to celebrate my day, and I wasn’t that far from home anymore when it happened. Normally, I shouldn’t have been outside by that time of the night. It was past eleven in the night but it was my birthday, and my parents never celebrated my birthday. I don’t know why. They did it for my sister every year but never for me.

I wasn’t the kind of girl who cared about things like that. I believed that if I can make myself happy, then why wait for anyone to do it for me. So I saved quite enough money, took myself to the most expensive salon I knew in our area for a complete make over.

I had my hair washed (I could have done that at home), conditioned, blow dried, stretched and dyed. My nails were fixed and painted navy blue. My brows were picked and I wore some really good makeup that night. When I was done, I took a couple of pictures, changed into my skin tight black strapless gown and took more pictures till it was seven PM, then I left the salon for the club.

I didn’t have that much friends so I went to the clubalone and drank and danced myself till I was high. Not many people took notice of the 22 year old girl enjoying the night all by her lone some because there were many 22 year olds present too and even though I was a lot more prettier and sexier than most of the 22 year olds present at the bar that night, not anyone paid that much attention to me and I loved it that way.

When it was half past ten, I left the bar for home. It was dark outside and there were oil lamps lighted outside a number of number of houses on every street, but the street was empty and there wasn’t much sign of life around except for an occasional street dog or stray cats digging in trash cans for fish bones or luckily a rotten fish.

Nothing about the night was scary. It wasn’t my first time being out and alone in an empty street so there really was nothing to fear. I sang not loudly, and not to myself but loud enough for anyone sleeping near the window of any house I passed by to hear.

I was miles away from the club and in an especially dark street with very few oil lamps outside when I saw a man sitting alone on a stone by the side of the narrow road and smoking a cigarette.

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