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If These 3 Billionaires Can Lose Their Women – What’s The Way To Keep A Woman Then? (Best Response Wins)

I know some of you are gurus when it comes to keeping a woman and making her happy… Eyin Baddest 🙌🙌

Some guys are just bad. They know how to do this thing so perfectly such that even if they don’t have too much money to spend on her or to take good care of her up to the standard she wants, they will still be very cool.

For me, I think 👇

Keep a lady is supposed to be in our School curriculum because that shit is very very difficult and complicated.

After my post, News broke our that Microsoft boss and one of the Richest man in the World Bill Gate lost his wife as they divorce and went their separate ways.

Now, this question “What does a Man needs to keep a Woman” continues to ring in my and I decided to bring it up here on De9jaspirit .

See the Tweet below:-

Now, you all can see that it is so obvious that Money can’t keep woman.

If 3 Billionaires Can Lose Their Women – What’s The Way To Please A Woman Then???

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