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If I Unfollowed You, I Don’t Care If You Exist”, Ka3na Says After Unfollowing Lucy On Twitter

The friendship between big brother naija housemates Katrina Jones and Lucy Edet started in the house, and seemed to develop even further after they left the house until the recent disagreement between the two ladies.


Nobody knows the root of their disagreement, and the only thing the social media detectives were able to garner is the fact that Ka3na unfollowed Lucy both on Instagram and twitter. During a question and answer session with Lucy on Instagram, when she asked her fans to ask her anything, some one asked her what happened between her and Ka3na, and surprisingly, Lucy said she is yet to find out.Could it be that the boss lady just started picking grudges with Lucy out of the blue without any explanation whatsoever, or is Lucy hiding the cause of her disagreement with her friend?

I will pick the second option as the reason because after all, she doesn’t owe us any explanation right now, especially when she still needs to talk things out with her friend.

Ka3na on the other hand does not seem to want a reconciliation, especially because of a recent post she made on Twitter. She was in a particular bad mood this morning and she tweeted about the people she unfollowed, according to her, if she unfollows anybody on twitter, then the information she is trying to pass to them is that she doesn’t care if they exist.

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