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I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 8

I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 8 (Final Episode)

The abortion was carried out successfully but I ended up with heavy bleeding and pains. The doctor assured me they would go away but after two weeks, the bleeding and pain only increased. I coldnt even leave my room. I was so helpless.

‘’we have to go to F.M.C (federal medical center)’’ Tonia finally suggested but I refused. I had lots of relatives working there and couldn’t risk exposing myself. I equally couldn’t accept going to a private clinic as well due to the bad experience I had from the abortion.

I had no choice than to tell Mike when it was obvious my life was getting more at risk. I felt he could help me and still keep my secret. He was the only good doctor I could trust and it was as if he suspected that all wasn’t well with me at that period because he intensified his calls unlike in the past until I finally opened up to him, telling him I had been down for a while.

The next day he rushed down to my hostel. I couldn’t believe he could suspenmd his plans and drive all the way to Owerri with such notice. Tears dropped from my eyes as I saw him walk into my room.

‘’I’m sorry’’ was all I could mutter before passing out.

I woke up hours later to find myself in the hospital. I panicked as i looked around the unfamiliar environment. A nurse soon showed up, assuring me to relax that I had the best doctor on my care.

‘’which doctor?’’ I asked softly.

‘’doctor mike’’ she answered with a smile.

And that was it, I ended up in the hospital after ruining myself and almost ending my life, Mike still stayed and watched my back. He never sold me out to my parents and remained loyal to the end. I owed him my life and from that moment saw him as my one and only savior. Nevertheless my womb was slightly damaged and I’m still waiting and praying for it to heal properly. Mike on the other hand finally had to move on with his life. It broke my heart to see such a fine young man finally settle down with another lady who was his colleague at the hospital. 

Tonia is still single till this day. She has also given her life to Christ and hoping on God’s blessing and favour.

So my advice to dear ladies is that there is always this guy who’s willing to do everything to be by your side, never ignore him, and never let him walk away because you might never be lucky to meet anyone like him.  And please avoid rough play with your life.

The End!!

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