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I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 6

I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 6

*Pamela*s story continues*

I was already used to living like a big girl on campus, hence David’s disappearance set me a lot back financially. I desperately needed another rich guy to foot my bills and Tonia was more than ever ready to assist. It was as if she had this long list of rich friends waiting for turn. In no time she introduced me to Obinna, a politician’s son.

But unlike David, Obinna lived in the country and depended on his parents wealth to survive. It was as if he had access to everything his father owned and so was willing to spend lots of money on unnecessary things. I never really liked him but was so fond of him as my new benefactor and so was willing to do everything to keep him under my wing.

 The guy loved sex so much that it looked as if he was addicted to it and apart from food and sex  he wouldn’t last a week. Well I gave him the sex even though I hardly enjoyed it because his diccck was really small and hardly lasted for long which never bothered me because it was all about satisfying him.

 In all my escapades my parents never suspected a thing and I tried as much as possible to moderate the things I posted on social media. I equally tried my best to avoid going home as much as possible. I equally made sure I passed my exams no matter what it took. I paid for my assignments to be done, I cheated on my exams and equally read and did my best on papers with strict lecturers. Of course I knew the family I came from and wouldn’t want anyone to suspect a thing about my new lifestyle.

Soon after, Tonia introduced me to three more guys and according to her, the more the better and safer from heartbreak. I was in my prime and bailing hard, enjoying all the benefits I could get. Many envied me. I cared less about what people felt about me. The only ones I feared were my parents and by my 3rd year in school I had around five hundred thousand naira in my account, a well furnished self contained room with air condition and about five boyfriends who i randomly tasked. I was so quick to break up with anyone who tried to play smart or monitor my life and I equally was so quick to replace anyone I felt like replacing. I had pools of guys on my wait list and I equally knew the places to get fresh ones if I wanted. I was a true definition of a campus big girl, my other friends apart from Tonia all looked up to me and always ran to me for assistance which I was always quick to render.


This period I met a young guy in his finals who was living at the next hostel. He had always been friendly to me ever since I was in my first year but never really noticed him much till this period, I just couldn’t say how he managed to win his way to my affection and  started spending much time with me, most especially after he told me he was thrown out of his room by his roommates for failing to come up with his own share of the rent. I didn’t assist him with money but instead allowed him to stay in my room during the day if he had nowhere else to stay, but honestly if I had known, I would have simply helped him with his rent and avoided the devil.

From squatting in my room during the day, he started sleeping over and to achieve this he tried his best to seduce me and succeeded. Oh and yes his name was Maxwell. The  guy with the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life till this day. He forced his way to live off me with his dickkk

How did it even start?

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