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I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 5

I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 5

*Pamela’s story continues*

We soon retired to his bedroom for the night and I really was so shy to even sit on the bed.

‘’won’t you take your bath?’’ he asked. I shook my head, not saying anything. He smiled, opened his wardrobe brought out a new towel and female night wear and gave to me.

‘’the nightwear might not be your accurate size but it will fit’’ he said with a smile while I stared at him suspiciously. It was so obvious he had the visit to his village already well planned out. He knew right from the onset that I wouldn’t make it back to the hostel that day but never told me.

Without another word, I took the towel and nightwear and headed to the bathroom to bath and change. I returned to see him already waiting anxiously for me on his bed.  I needed no telling that my virginity was going that evening. I was in love and had to make him happy.

I lay beside him, while he happily pecked me, drew me closer and kissed me hungrily. I couldn’t kiss back but didn’t push him away. Slowly he reached for my boobs which he squeezed and tickled, making me feel his warmth.

In no time my legs were apart as he searched for my center spot, nodding happily as he tickled it with his hand before burying his head on it, using his tongue to turn me to a screaming baby. I held onto him tightly as he licked, fondled and caressed me. I had never felt this way in my entire life. I was so carried away that I didn’t even know when he positioned himself and plunged on me with his big diickk until I felt a sharp pain as my puccy tore open.

‘’oh no you are still a virgin?’’ I heard him breathe as I tried to struggle free but he held me strongly and continued, thrusting back and forth while I rolled my head and waited for him to finish.


‘’I’m so proud of you baby’’ I heard him whisper as I slowly opened my eyes the next morning.

‘’you are my treasure, I can’t wait for you to graduate so that you can come over to Australia’’ he added softly. I smiled and closed my eyes once again.

David stayed in Owerri for one more week before returning to Australia and that one week was nothing but a week of sex and adventure for us. We made love three times daily. I soon became a pro, and used to his big dick which now appeared small in my eyes. However things took a different turn when he returned to Autralia, he never called nor reached out to me and even Tonia or his friends could reach him either. It was as if he never existed in the first place and I had my first heart break. I learnt with that experience never to give out my heart to a guy no matter the situation.

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