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I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 4

I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 4

*mike’s side of the story continues*

Pamela’s behavior really got me heartbroken at first but later I waved her behavior as normal teenage lifestyle. I felt she wanted to explore the world first and had to let her be, knowing well that there wasn’t anything I could do to stop her. All I prayed was that she doesn’t end up in an unredeemable situation. I still loved her notwithstanding but had to focus on myself and work hard in advancing my career. The next year I worked my way into UPTH (university of Porthacourt teaching hospital) and really had little or no time to think of women as I busied myself with work. That was the only way I could stop Pamela from occupying a large chunk of my heart. Yes I met lots of women and with my type of job you are prone to meet them whether you wanted or not but somehow I managed not to get entangled in any web while working my ass off and hoping for Pamela.

*Pamela’s side of story continues*

I never knew mike still thought highly of ne at this time. With the way our calls reduced and the manner I refused seeing him when I returned home for Christmas holiday, I thought any feelings he might have had for me died.

I returned to school in high spirits, no longer a fresher and having Tonia as my best among other friends. She soon introduced me to David, who was based in Australia but has been home since Christmas.

‘’He is well loaded. He’s Kelvin’s friend and I have told him all about you. He’s ready to spoil you’’ Tonia told me with great excitement, leaving me curious as ever.

Later that evening David and Kelvin picked up Tonia and I at the hostel and together we headed to ‘All seasons hotel restaurant where we were spoilt with drinks. David had the swag i liked, he had this arrogant look  and smell. He was a bit hefty and handsome, very light skinned with good dress sense. His white sneakers were so white and shinny that I wanted them for myself. In fact I loved everything about him,.

‘’I never knew I could finally get to meet a beautiful  innocent Nigerian girl. When Tonia was telling me about you I thought she was exaggerating but I now know she didn’t even describe you well’’ he praised with admiration while I blushed. 

All through the evening, he kept showering me with praises. All I said and did were just too perfect for him. I felt so divine. He praises overtook every part of me. I just fell helplessly in love with him.

Finally when they dropped us later that evening, he gave me twenty thousand naira just for making his day, promising to come over the next day to take me shopping. I couldn’t believe myself. Twenty thousand naira is still a pretty big money today, talk more of in 2009. I was just so wet with happiness and joy. I couldn’t sleep that night. All I thought about was him and without him proposing I already dreamt of my future with him.

The next day, he took me shopping as he promised, bought lots of clothes for me plus a television, DVD player and fridge. He equally gave me another twenty thousand naira to make my hair.

‘’next weekend, I will be taking you to my village to see my family’’ he informed me. I couldn’t say no. my head wasn’t with me anymore. I forgot I came to study and not to marry.

That fateful Saturday evening we ended up together at his village house, a lovely one story building he claimed took him five months to build. I met his mum and siblings who all received me well. And before I even got a bit of my senses back, it was already nightfall. We couldn’t go back to city and I had no choice than  to spend the night with him. My first night of sleeping with a man, I was still a virgin and I knew he would want to sleep with me. Nevertheless I wasn’t overly worried because I was in love with him.

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