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I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 3

I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait – Episode 3

*Pamela’s side of the story continues *

Lectures soon started and it wasn’t difficult making new friends, both male and female students wanted to be my friend, especially the older male students. In no time this guy in my department Henry made me his pet project. From morning to evening he followed me wherever I went as if he was my bodyguard. According to him, he wanted me to be safe and the best way was to always be by my side. It really was astonishing and even though I loved the attention, at a point I wondered if he was even a student for him to have so much time following me around. And not only did he follow me around, he spent his money as well buying me things. I however soon noticed that many other female students got the same attention from male students, especially the attractive young ones and I discovered as well that I could live off handouts from guys without touching my own money.

It wasn’t difficult to form my own circle of girlfriends and just like most people know, girls flow more with girls they share similar characteristics with and so like my circle of friends, we had so many things in common. 

Blessing was the daughter of an Anglican bishop, Tonia was the daughter of an Onitsha based business man, Queen was the daughter of a lecturer and all four of us looked so much alike. We were all fair skinned, tall and a bit skinny. We all like putting on similar outfits and whenever we walked together we couldn’t help but notice everyone stare at us with admiration as we passed.

However Tonia was more spoilt and experienced than the rest of us, she told me she started having sex at sixteen and has had series of boyfriends along the way.


‘’won’t you like to flow with these type of guys that pull up at the hostel with exotic cars every evening to see their girls?’’ Tonia once asked me as we sat on our hostel balcony one boring Saturday, watching as cars pulled up at the gate to pick girls one after the other.

‘’Tonia!’’ I screamed, staring at her curiously while she shrugged.

‘’student boyfriends will pull you back, block your happiness and make you wretched but you see these ones’’ she lectured, gesturing at the cars outside.

‘’’they don’t have time to monitor your life and yet take care of you with all pleasure’’ she added.

‘’how do you know?’’ I asked suspiciously

‘’I know my two cousins that graduated last year, they made rich boyfriends. In fact one of them furnished her room back then with television, rug, generator,  big bed, dolls and so on. If you enter her room back then, you will marvel’’ she boosted, getting my attention more.

‘’’okay what about my room? The mini fridge was bought by Kelvin’’ she added,

‘’you mean Kelvin, the guy that drives that blue camry?’’ I asked

‘’yes’’ she nodded quickly.

‘’that big foam and curtains in my room were sent to me by Charles. He’s a big importer in Ontisha’’ she added while I opened my mouth with surprise.

‘’I thought your parents furnished your room actually’’ I managed to whisper.

‘’furnish gini? Parents will only pay for hostel, schools fees, texts book and pocket money. It’s left for you to hustle your way and furnish your room either by demanding more from your parents by lying or making worthy boyfriends’’ she lectured while I nodded with understanding as I began to realize the reason most other female rooms were more furnished than mine. But never a time did my mind ever went towards Mike, he could easily have done all that for me if only I asked but then asking him for something was committing myself to him and going back to a monitored life which I never wanted.

‘’so girlfriend first you have to do away with that good for nothing boy Henry. He’s no good for you and will soon frustrate you’’ Tonia advised, breaking my thoughts. I truly was fond of the attention Henry gave me but just like my friend advised, his closeness would do more harm than good to me and so I had no choice than to find a way to cut him off not minding the little he had spent to be close to me.


‘’ I want you to reduce the time you spend with me. It isn’t healthy ‘’ I said to Henry the next Monday in school, shocking him with my words.

‘’why? Who put you up to this?. What we have for each other is genuine feelings. Before you know it, we both graduate, get a job and marry’’ he explained nervously while I scoffed

‘’we are just friends come on. What’s up with the feelings of a thing?’’ I asked defensively, throwing him off with the question.

‘’well I thought we were building something strong?’’ he insisted

‘’I wasn’t building anything with you’’ I countered.

‘’please come on, I love you. That’s why I have been doing all the things I have been doing for you’’ he begged desperately.

‘’honestly I  like you a lot, you have swag, you are handsome, you can bring out my smile at any time but there’s more to that in life. We will continue being friends but please let’s limit the time we spend together and keep this love of a thing of your mind because I’m not ready for any relationship yet’’ I said seriously, wounding him with my words which at that time were honestly said. Yes I liked everything about him but I wanted more of that. I wanted the type of guy with swag and money as well who could take me clubbing, take me on a road trip and still furnish my room like a queen. I wasn’t ready to be held down by a small boy all because I liked him.

As for Mike, our calls and chats got fewer and fewer until at a point we stayed days without talking or chatting with each other. Moreover what was there to even discuss in the first place? His chats and calls were more of a question and answer session, where he asked the questions and I gave the answers.

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