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I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait [Episode 1 – 8]

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Story Title: I Need More Men! For Now True Love Can Wait

Episodes: 8

Category: Romance / Sex

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Episode one

My name is Pamela and this is my story

*Pamela’s side of the story*

Late 2008 I got admission to study computer science in Imo state university. It really was my first time of stepping out of my parents’ strict grasp and I truly couldn’t wait to explore my new found freedom, new found life, new found experience. I had worked so hard to pass my exams and get admitted via the merit list not only because I wanted to be a graduate but to be free from my parents, to at least breathe a fresh air of freedom.

Living under my parent’s strict rule was more difficult than living in a boarding school. Everything I did was totally scrutinized by them not because they hated me but because they  wanted the best for me but then they over did the whole thing and never really gave me much of a freedom to do things I like.  From the clothes I wore, the friends I kept , the food I ate, even the way I spent my day were all moderated and so I really needed to do everything possible to secure admission into the university and be free for once.

‘’my baby please don’t disappoint the family’’ mum pleaded with tears of happiness in her eyes as we walked to Mike’s car (  a family friend who offered to drive me to my hostel).

‘’my daughter, you know where you are coming from. Please use your head when you get to the school. Don’t get influenced by everything you see over there. Make the right friends and never joke with your studies’’ dad pleaded while I nodded with great happiness, hugged them one more time before jumping into Mike’s car.

Mike was the only male family friend my parents allowed me to get close to, because he was the only son of my mother’s bestie and he equally was a medical doctor who just rounded up his NYSC a few months ago. I knew deep down my parents would gladly want me to marry him because he was an exact example of what they needed in a young man. Young, fresh, educated, respectful, tall, brilliant and with a shining future, he had them all.

I equally noticed he had been more closer to me since he returned from his youth service than in the past and he always jokingly told me that I will be his future wife and from jokes he became more serious, even though he never pushed it, he still playfully made his intentions known. He displayed willingness to be by my side, support and wait for me till I got a bit older and ready for relationship and marriage. He was twenty four at that time and I was eighteen. Yes I liked him but never considered him as someone I could marry because he appeared too nice and behaved more like a parent, than someone I could love.


‘’you know Porthacourt isn’t far from Owerri, I will be coming most weekends to see you’’ Mike offered as we headed towards Owerri that fateful day. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

‘’is that really necessary Mike. You don’t have to bother yourself. I will be fine’’ I replied softly.

‘’you know my feelings for you grow stronger every day. I can’t wait for you to graduate’’ he added quickly while I rolled my eyes and scoffed. I honestly couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with him. He looked too serious and upright for my liking. He had no swag, he didn’t sag his trousers, no bushy hair, no beards, nothing. Oh damn my teenage head really couldn’t comprehend the thought. Everything about him appeared boring to me.

We soon got to my hostel at Aladinma, I smiled happily as I got down from his car, heaving a sigh of relief. I couldn’t believe it, for time I was spending the night away from home and not only that night but more nights ahead.

It was so magical.

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