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I Need Help! My “Baby Face” And Small Stature Are Getting Me Insulted

Hello guys, I just received one of the biggest insults of my life.
So I went to church today and along the line, I decided to scroll through Naijaloaded since I am currently in church.

So as I was pressing my phone in peace oh, one usher just came to where I sat and taped me as I looked at her, she stretched her hand out signalling she wanted to seize my phone.

At first, I was confused because where I was a lot of people were operating their phones, but she didn’t approach them.

I didn’t want to insult her or create a scene, so I just lied that I was sending someone an important text.

Then she said I should be quick and put out the phone, that if I were in a lecture hall would I use my phone in the presence of the lecturer?

So I obliged. I experienced similar scenarios a lot in my life, and it makes me sad sometimes.

Sometimes, teenage boys would be interacting with me as if I am in their age grade.

My peers wouldn’t want to be around me because they would feel I am just a kid.

I can’t get a girlfriend because girls look at me like their younger brothers.

This has turned me into a full-time introvert. I am really hurt.

Even my own father uses my stature to insult me at times.

It’s only by my thick voice that people can tell that I am grown up and that’s not enough.

Guys, Please Help Me, I Need Advice.
I am 23 years old and 5 foot 8 inches tall.

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