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I DON MESS UP! Breakup Go Wrong, Please Help Me Guys

Early last year I asked this girl out, but she turned down my request because she has a boyfriend.

She requested we become friends, which I was not comfortable with.

Throughout the covid 19 break, I was the only one doing the friendship.

After the break we resumed school, and I voiced it out that I can’t continue with the friendship. Some months later, we started campaigning for our elections and results started coming out. She became close again.

Fast forward to early this year, she started visiting often, and we started a relationship. She said she doesn’t want sex which is understandable.

Throughout the relationship, I was good and all that and she fell deeply in love with me.

When I returned from my I.T I lost feelings for her, perhaps, because we were not intimate, I started seeing her like my sister, and I told her earlier that this relationship won’t work. We are not having sex and I am about to have sex with some girls which will hurt her, so we should just break up.

She did everything to make the relationship work, but I have lost interest.

I broke up with her, although she agreed to have sex with me just to keep me, but I declined the offer because she was seeing the sex as sacrifice or favour she is doing to save the relationship.

I can’t have sex with someone that thinks sex is a sacrifice, I love girls that have sex just because they want to, no big deal about it.

After the break up, we went on holiday and we just returned to school.

The girl in question is planning with some people to come and threaten me for breaking her heart, she begged them not to hurt me because she still loves me, but they should make me really scared and forced to go back to her.

One of the guys who is contacted to carry out this task called me yesterday and told me about the whole plan and said the call and his contact should be confidential.

He told me that they have concluded all the plans to come for him.

Why can’t she move on with her life? Why is she doing this?

The relationship is not by force now. Some guys visited me yesterday and informed me that they got info about impending threats on me, that one person contacted them to protect me.

Please, How Can I Go About This Mess?

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  • Well this is quite unfortunate. I’d advice you report to higher authorities that can help intervene in your mystery with this you acclaimed ex-girlfriend. Anything could happen at any time. Restriction orders should be given so far cause of harm is obvious.

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