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I Date White men Only – Episode 6

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

Me: Tape what? ( [email protected])
Lebanese: A se*x tape, let record it.
Huh! Record what?
Me: No, no, no baby, I don’t want that..
Lebanese: Why, its fun… (Kissing me) I’ll pay you more.
Me: No, no tape please..
Lebanese: I’ll give you 50k (Kissing me) 50k? At the sound of that 50k I became confused, if I should do it or not, but no way, I can’t do it.

Me: No baby..
Lebanese: Why? Nobody will see it, I promise.
Me: Baby no, just fu*k me, please fu*k me, no tape, fu*k me baby. (I was so damn in the mood)

The lebanese dude held his 14 inches, rimming my Kitty [email protected] with it..

Me: Baby, co*dom..
Lebanese: No co*doms girl..

Before I know it he inserted his Sir in my [email protected], I screamed. Gosh, it was hot, he began do it slowly, kissing me, slow and steady on the couch. [email protected] me slowly, kissing me, squeezing my Bosso, then he became faster, [email protected] me really hard, I was just [email protected] really hard, he brought his Sir and ins#rted it again, brought it out again, ins#rted his and continued pounding on the couch, my two legs were up as he was [email protected] me, my voice were already shaking, [email protected], both of us [email protected], he was squeezing my Bosso really hard as he was [email protected] to the core, at some point he went so deep down, ins#ted it so deep, I screamed.

[email protected] me so hard, pounding me, I was already squirting, my legs shaking already. Then he asked…
Lebanese dude: Can I fu*k your B*ttocks?
Even tho I’ve never tried it before but I was willing to do it for the first time…. I replied in a slutty way.
Me: Yes baby fu*k my B*ttocks
He turned me over, spits on my an*s, manipulation it, rimming my an*s, damn, this guy is crazy, eating my an*s really hard. Spit on my an*s again, he tried to ins#rt his Sir in my a$$hole but it was so tight, he got up, went inside and brought lubricant, he poured lubricant on my an*s, manipulation it till he ins#rted it freely. I screamed on top of my voice cos it was painful, he brought it and ins#rted it again, as he began to pound me, [email protected] me really hard, it was painful but I could feel the pleasure, [email protected] my B*ttocks so damn hard. To the extent that, i was crying, pleasure cry anyway..
Me: Fu*k me baby, yes fu*k me harrrrrrd. I couldn’t take it anymore, I fell off the couch, on the floor this time he continued [email protected] my B*ttocks, then he brought out his sir again and ins#rted in [email protected] from behind, [email protected] me so hard, sitting on my laps bleeping me from behind, pounding me, then he put his fingers in my mouth. He continued…

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Lebanese: I’m about to cum to baby, yes, yes, yes, yes… He quickly brought his Sir and ejaculated on my body. His cum was massive, we were both sweating despite the fact that the air condition was on.
Panting, breathing really hard, anus was really hurting me. I couldn’t stand up, both of us couldn’t stand up. Kissing me, till we slept off on the floor.
Woke up very early in the morning as usual, I need to go back to school. I was so damn weak, when I woke I couldn’t find the lebanese guy beside me, I was a lil bit scared. I quickly got up, put on my clothes, where is this dude? I hope this Lebanese guy didn’t snap pictures while I was obviously Unclad on the floor, I was kinda scared cos I’ve heard and seen a lot of nu*de leaking online, I wouldn’t want to fall into that category. While dressing up, the lebanese guy walked into the sitting room, he was practically Unclad and smoking a cigarette. When I saw him I was bit nervous, for the fact that he was also Unclad, hope this Lebanese guy didn’t do the undoing? He walked up to me, held me closer, kissing me…

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Me: (Giggling) Morning
He kept on kissing me…
Me: Stop it (Smiling)
Lebanese guy: Are you leaving now?
Me: Yes, I’ve got a lot to do in school, so I need to leave asap.
Lebanese: I’m so gonna miss you, you were awesome last night.
Me: (Shying) Stop that, don’t be nutty
Lebanese guy: I’m crazy right? You be real bad girl, omo yoruba to bad (Bad yoruba girl)
Me: How many Nigerian girls have you had your ways with?
Lebanese: E plenty ooo (too many girls).
As he walks away to his room, I couldn’t help but to look at the skinny Lebanese guy’s B*ttocks, shaking my head. Finally dressed up, wearing my peep toe heels, as he walks in again. He was fully covered up this time, he stretched a white envelope to me..
Lebanese Guy: You can have this, abeg manage am (please manage it). I would have given you 50k assuming you allowed me tape it.
I collected it, the envelope is heavy oooo.
Me: Thanks, dear…. And hope you didn’t take my nu*de pictures while I was asleep?
Lebanese guy: (Laughing) Why would I do that?
Me: Are you sure?
Lebanese guy: Yes! So when are you coming again? I can’t wait to fu*k you again.
Me: Maybe next weekend sha..
The lebanese guy dropped me at the garage, as I find my way to school

To Be Continued…

watch out for I date White Men Only Part 7

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