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I Date White men Only – Episode 4

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

I was so disturbed when I got the news, instead of going to school, I quickly rushed home to check on my son. Got to the hospital, Obinna began to nag, shouting at me, asking me where I slept last night, calling me all sorts of names. I didn’t even reply him, men and their small brain, smh! Out of the 10k, I gave my mum 5k for drugs and other bills, instead of Obinna to do that,he was nagging, instead of him to pay the bills, he tried sha, he gave out the little he could afford, he’s a corper so what do you expect? I went back to school after spending a day with my mum and son, got to school, I discovered Maurice didn’t even call me to check of I’ve gotten to school or not. Less, I forgot, I dare not go back to that school empty handed, I had to buy snacks just to make Bidemi believe I had nice time and that Maurice gave me plenty money, packaging things. In the hostel room….
Bidemi: How far? How was is it? (Excited)
Me: What do you expect? I had a nice time girlfriend
Bidemi: Are you serious? Gist me now
Me: Amebo….. well, well, well, he paid for the cab, he was nice, we to shop rite, Silverbird cinemas and Raddison Blue in Lekki. I even met his friends, he already introduced me as his girlfriend to his friends, can you imagine. ( I showed her the pictures I took in Shoprite) Look at the picture I snapped in shoprite now.
Bidemi: (eating the snacks I bought) Hmmm! Girlfriend? Just like that?
Me: Yes now, what do you expect? That guy loves me, he’s in love with me and he’s nice, he’s lives in a duplex.
Bidemi: So did you guys had se*x?
I was shocked, why would Bidemo ask me this kind of a silly question, I was confused. I didn’t know if I should say “Yes” or “No”. This Bidemi sef is really foolish
Me: se*x? No ooooo…. We didn’t
Bidemi: Its a lie
Me: I’m serious, I only gave him a kiss that’s all
Bidemi: And he gave you money?
Me: Of course now, what do you expect? This is oyinbo not stingy naija men…. 20k, he gave me 20k, I’m even going this weekend sef, I miss him already
Bidemi kept eating the snacks, I looked at her and shook my head.

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2 days later, Maurice didn’t even call me, if I chat with him on social media, he was just giving excuses that he was busy. I even called him, he didn’t pick my calls. It was almost weekend, I asked him if I should come, Maurice declined, he said I shouldn’t come that he was busy, he began to stylishly insult me that I’m disturbing him, that my own wahala was too much. That was how Maurice ignored me, that was how Oyinbo used and dumped me, can you imagine? I guess I wasn’t lucky, maybe I should try another, I’ll try another white man cos I’m so desperate.

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I continued hunting for a perfect white man, it was not easy getting a responsible one cos most them just wanted se*x. After se*x they pay you 10k, I just don’t get it. Some cheap Nigerian girls don tarnish the image of we good girls, yes I’m a good girl of course. The white men believe we are all the same. Anyway, on the other side, I needed money to settle some bills, I’m in my final year and I’ve not paid school fees for 2 sessions, if i don’t pay I’m not gonna graduate. My son too is there, his school fees and every other things, my mum is a petty trader, my Dad is late and I have 3 younger siblings to cater for. So it wasn’t my fault after all, I also made a terrible mistake getting pregnant at the age of 21 years, Obinna impregnated me, he’s the father although he’s taking his responsibility as the father but its not enough. Obinna is just a mere corper jes the first child of his family too, they are even Nine in numbers, I mean he’s got 8 younger siblings and his both parents are still very much alive.

I shouldn’t lie, Obinna loves me and he’s ready to marry me, I love him also but I don’t think I can cope and I have so many reasons. Me and Obinna started dating in my first year in school, he was my immediate senior. I got pregnant after 6 months in our relationship, so I never had the chance to enjoy myself, even though after giving birth I did some small small runs just to fend for myself. Me and Obinna broke up so many times but we kept coming back again and again. Like I said earlier I’ve done some small small runs but they don’t really pay like that and they are Nigerian guys, this is the reason I wanted to date a white man, as you already know Cynthia is dating a white man and she’s having a good time with him, even though I’m sure she’s using juju for him, me sef I’m ready to use Juju for a white man that makes sense.

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Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I met an Indian guy, he’s in his late 30’s he’s not married, he works with Nigerite. I met him on badoo, he’s name is Ahmad. Ahmad is not ugly not handsome, he’s just there. He was always calling and all that, exactly the way Maurice started with his tricks. I liked him but I was careful this time, I didn’t brother to inform Bidemi about him but I just had to cos Bidemi kept on asking about Maurice.
In the hostel room, arranging my clothes while Bidemi was eating concoction Rice.
Bidemi: How far with you oyinbo guy now? You didn’t go last weekend again
Me: Maurice?
Bidemi: Yes now.
Me: I broke up with him, I dumped him jare.
Bidemi began to laugh…..
Me: What’s funny?
Bidemi: You dumped him abi he dumped you?
Me: What? Never, I was tired of him jare, he’s not good in bed.
Bidemi: He’s not good in bed? How come?
Me: The guy no fit f*ck wella, his J0yst!ck is just too small, uncircumcised for that matter.
Bidemi: Jesu Kristi! You can lie, I thought you said, you guys didn’t have se*x.
Me: se*x? I said so? (I’ve totally forgotten I lied to her concerning the se*x part), we didn’t really have se*x like that jare.
Bidemi: Tolu ooooo, you will not kill me (laughing)
Me: Honestly, i dumped Maurice, he is even begging to come back.
Bidemi kept on Laughing….
Me: See, I’ve met someone else, this one is better and richer than Maurice…
Bidemi: Who is this one again?
Me: He’s an Indian guy…
Bidemi: Shori Shori?
That was how Bidemi knew about him… Ahmad invited me over to his place in Ikeja, it was on a weekend as well.
To Be Continued…

watch out for I date White Men Only Part 5

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