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I Date White men Only – Episode 3

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

Weekend finally came, it was on Saturday, dressed up

looking so s*xy**, wore mini gown, with the lace wig I borrowed from Cynthia. Picked a cab to lekki, called Maurice to come pick me, he came and paid the cabman. Maurice is even more cuter in real life,wearing a shirt and short, he gave me warm hug in public, wow, I felt on top of the world. He took me to his place, I met his neighbours, they are white men also,they work in the same company. We got to his apartment, he’s living in Behind apartment, very posh
and colourful, I was very happy, Tolulope don finally arrive. Maurice was just admiring me, looking at me with s*xy** eyes. We chatted for long, he was nice,he was fun to be with, he said he’s looking for a wife, my thought immediately was “Oyinbo I am your wife”. He asked if I was hungry, which I was, so went to shoprite to get food, I got to shoprite, I was
just snapping pictures with my phone to show Bidemi how I enjoyed myself. After shoprite, we got home, had dinner, we
continued chatting, he was just all over me,demanding for a kiss, which I gave him. Later in the night, in the bedroom, I had my bath already, I was on the bed, putting on one of Maurice’s shirt, while he was in the bathroom showering. My phone rings, I checked the caller, it was Obinna, I quickly put my phone on silence, I didn’t pick the call, Obinna kept on calling, that idiot wan pour sand sand for my garri.

I got pissed and switched off my phone. Maurice finally came out of the bathroom, shirtless, towel on his waist, he came closer to me and la!d on me on the bed, I noticed he had this kind of odour, yes, white people do have this odour, I dunno if I should call it bad or good odour. Anyway we kept on kissing, smooching, brought out my Bossom and sU-Cking it, we
kept on going on. You didn’t even ask me about his di*k, well its below average and it is uncircumcised one, he even told me to sU-Ck the uncircumcised thing.

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He told me to sU-Ck the uncircumcised J0yst!ck, I was so irritated cos I’ve never seen uncircumcised adult’s J0yst!ck, I was so uncomfortable even this his J0yst!ck has retracted. I didn’t have choice than to do it, I gave him the Mouth Gig, yeah I did. He rimmed my Kitty-Cat, damn! That white dude can eat Kitty-Cat, this guy ate me up, I began to [email protected] seriously while eating it.

He put on a condom, poured lubricant on it and robbed some in my Kitty-Cat and began to finger me, manipulation me, till he finally inserted his J0yst!ck in my [email protected] and began to bang me, pound me really hard, he went on and on, m0an!ng, I was really enjoying it. He’s good but below average compared to Obinna, he tried, I enjoyed it tho. I shouldn’t kiss and tell you know, anyway, we had one more round and each round lasted less than 5 minutes I guess.

The following day, on Sunday, which I’m suppose to go back to school while Maurice was suppose to go to his office too, cos he told me he works on weekends sometimes. So I woke up early as possible, had my bath, dressing up already, one thing I noticed was that Maurice didn’t have his bath not to talk of brushing his teeth and he was already dressing up for
office, then I asked…

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Me: Won’t you have your bath?
Maurice: I’ve done that last night.

Huh! For real? I was surprised, wetin concern me, its your money I need, maybe I can be his wife too.
Anyway he dropped me off at garage where I would take cab back to school, I kissed him, I told him I love him, he replied. He brought out white envelope, he gave me the envelope and also gave me money for my cab. He promised to call me later and he would see me soon, I told him I would come the next weekend, he replied with “okay”, I kissed him again, thanked him, got off the car. Could you believe that, that was the last time i saw Maurice? On my way to school, in the bus; danfo bus actually, I didn’t take cab oo, why would I pay 5k to a cab man? God forbid, when I can spend less than 1k to get to school.

So, while in the public bus, I stylishly counted the money Maurice gave me, it was 10k with the cab fee
making it 15k. I wasn’t really impressed because I was expecting more, well it is still manageable. I switched on my phone, received a text message from Obinna, lamenting, insulting, saying our son is
hospitalised. Oh! Are you surprised? I have a 3 year old son with Obinna, he’s living with my mother,he’s name is Bryan, Obinna is the father.

To Be Contiue

Watch out for I date White Men Only Part 4

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