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I Date White men Only – Episode 24

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

Me: Denied me?
Cynthia: Yes, don’t even think of reporting to the company cos he has already retired and he even reported your case, telling them to kick against your claims, he reported you to the company and embassy that you’re a fraud and he’s not the owner of the pregnancy should incase you want to fight him.
I couldn’t cry, i was shocked, i was shivering.
Me: Are you sure?
Cynthia: Would i lie to you? I just pity this boy you brought to this world to suffer because of your covetousness. You had Obinna on a platter of gold and you decided to push it away. Must you be like me?
I started crying…
Cynthia: This is not your time to cry, crying won’t solve anything here. Although, i’m trying my best, persuading my husband to convince Zvicka to pay you off, set you up with a business or so, i just hope its going to work cos Zvicka is ready to punish you forever, you want to ruin his family. I know Zvicka is also wrong but he has done everything to make it right but you worsen the whole thing.
Me: Temi ti bami (i’m doomed)
Cynthia: Its not the end of the world
Tolu: Where do i want to start from? Haaaaa, Obinna, Obinna Crying louder, i didn’t know what came over me, i sat on the floor, crying…
Cynthia: Stop embarrasing yourself Tolu, stand up please.

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She tried to calm me down, she advised me to pray more for God’s intervention, i was lost in thought, she dropped me and my son at the garage, exchanged phone numbers and gave me 20k. I was ashamed of myself, i still find it hard to believe Zvicka would do that to me. I began to have flash memories of Obinna, when he proposed to me, i was deeply lost in memories, to the extent that the cab i took i’ve passed my bus stop. How am i going to cope? I’m only 26, i have 2 sons for two different men. I’ve made a terrible mistake in my life, should i put this child up for adoption? Should i drop this boy in the gutter? I donn’t want to kill him, he’s my son, so unfortunate. How do i cover this big shame?

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