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I Date White men Only – Episode 23

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

So i made up my mind to go to IITA, with my new baby, behind me, i had to back him to IITA. On getting to IITA, i wasn’t allowed in, i explained the situation to the security men, they pitied me and advised me to go their office in Lekki, that is where i could lay complains about issue like. I was so devastated, i wept profusely, i would have to go to Lekki again? What have i brought upon myself?
While i was leaving, i saw a car parked in front of me horning, who could that be? Sigh! It was Cynthia, shame catch me, i just had to do away with the shame, she told me to enter her car, i entered as we drove off.
Cynthia took us to an eatery, i was so ashamed of myself, i couldn’t look at her face, she carried and was playing with my son.
Cynthia: Such a fine boy, What’s the name of your baby?
Me: His name is Bidemi Zvicka
She looked at me and smiled
Cynthia: Bidemi, that’s a sweet, your best friend’s name…. What do you want to eat? Are you not hungry?
Me: No, don’t worry.
Cynthia: What about drink? You need a cold drink
Me: I’m okay
Cynthia was still playing with my son…
Cynthia: If not because of this baby, i wouldn’t stop, i should have drove off but because of this boy, i just couldn’t.
I was so sad and ashamed, i didn’t know what to say.
Cynthia: You came to see Zvicka right?
Me: Yes….. Cynthia, Zvicka has been unreachable for some months now, i don’t know what is going on.
Cynthia was just laughing…
Me: Is it funny?
Cynthia: It is very funny cos you’re a big fool… Why didn’t you abort this baby in the first place?
Me: I was scared, i was…… Honestly i dunno
Cynthia: Scared? I’m sure you know there so many things you can do to avoid this pregnancy, even if you guys were having uprotected s*x, you know what to do to avoid this.
Me: I don’t know what came over me, what i need now is Zvicka
Cynthia: Zvicka is a good man, he likes you but he loves his wife and family, he never told you he was gonna marry you when this whole thing started. Do you think he was gonna leave if his family for you and your son?
Me: What are you insinuating?
Cynthia: I’m not even suppose to be doing what i’m doing right now, if my husband finds out, he’s going to skin me alive.
Me: Stop scaring me, what is going on?
I was already nervous…
Cynthia: I should have warned you since about what you’re getting yourself into but your attitude was bad, keeping malice with me, you might even thought i was trying to ruin your happiness, i just had to stay away and mind my business.
Me: Is Zvicka dead?
Cynthia: Dead? He’s alive but his health deteriorating. Tolu, let me come out clean to you, Zvicka is no longer coming to Nigeria.
Me: What do you mean?

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Cynthia: See, as a matter of fact he has retired, he’s not coming back to this country and its all because of you. You’re not seeing Zvicka again, he s denied you and your baby.

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