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I Date White men Only – Episode 2

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

2 days later….

On the bed, chatting with my phone, giggling, smiling, blushing, laughing while Bidemi was reading on the rug….
Bidemi: This one you’re laughing like you just won a jackpot, who are you chatting with?
Me: (laughing) Na real jackpot ooo, i go soon hammer
Bidemi: Are you serious, please gist me jare (she stood up, sat on the bed)
Me: Wetin happen? Comot joor, amebo
Bidemi: Tell me now (she tried to hijack my phone)
Me: Stop now…. If i tell you now, you will be giving person one kind yeye advice
Bidemi: Tolu ooooo
Me: See, don’t tell anybody about this okay.
Bidemi: I won’t of course
Me: I have a date this weekend
Bidemi: (she hissed) is that what you want to say? You’re finally going on a date with Obinna, is it Chinese restaurant?
Me: Mumu, let me die before you bury me…. Obinna ko, Obinna ni, i have a date with a white guy in Lekki
Bidemi: Seriously? White guy?
Me: Yes, he’s the one i’m even chatting with on Badoo sef.
Bidemi: Hmmmm!
Me: Babe, dem plenty for Badoo o, i’ve met like 3 of them already but this one has invited me to come over to his place this weekend (showing bidemi my phone), see his picture, na fine boy… Is he not fine?
Bidemi: Na wa ooo, how old is he?
Me: I didn’t even ask jare, what’s my business with that, he lives in Lekki phase one, Admiralty side…. Abeg don’t tell Cynthia oo cos you talk too much
Bidemi: You’re really desperate girl…… So you’re going to his place, you didn’t even think about your safety. What if he’s ritualist.
Me: This is a white man not naija men, moreover sef, nobody fit use me do rituals.
Bidemi: Whats the guy’s name?

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Me: Maurice, he’s from Serbia, the guy is really in love with me, he’s been calling amd sending text messages, i’m already fallen for him.
Bidemi: So he was the one that called you this morning, i thought it was Obinna ooo…. But what about Obinna?
I hissed….
Me: That idiot…. The last time he called me was two days ago, Maurice has called me more 5 times ever since i gave him my number 2 days ago.
A knock on the door, Cynthia walks in, Cynthia is a friend and a hostel mate but not a roommate amd shes dating a rich white man…
Cynthia: Babes, how far?
She sat on the bed, i quickly hid my phone.. We greeted her.
Me: Na wa ooo, see how you just dey fresh, your baby is really taking care of you.
Cynthia: Abi naw, what do you expect?
Bidemi: Cynthia won’t you sell this Blackberry again?
Cynthia: I don’t feel like selling it, let me be carrying my phones like that.
Bidemi: 4 phones? These phones are expensive and it can cause unnecessary attention
I was already jealous, i was full of envy, looking at Cynthia’s brazillian hair, her spotless skin, her expensive phones, i was already lost in thought, she’e not finer than me now, ugly girl, don’t worry, my own white man will surely come better than yours. Then Bidemi called my name.
Bidemi: Tolu, Tolu
I regained myself out of my thought..
Me: Yes! The phones are expensive now
Bidemi: What phones? Is your mind here at all?
Cynthia laughing…
Cynthia: Wetin you dey think?….
Me: What were you guys saying? Don’t mind me
Bidemi: Cynthia said her white boyfriend is taking her to Obudu this weekend..
Me: Are you serious?
Cynthia kept on flaunting her white man, talking about how generous he’s, saying sweet things about him, kept going on and on and on, i felt bittered, i was really bittered but i just had to pretend to happy for her. My own white man too will come and we would meet this weekend, can’t wait to see him this weekend, Maurice my baby.

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To Be Continued….

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