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I Date White men Only – Episode 18

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

Just 6 weeks to our relationship, Zvicka got a new phone cos I was having problem with my blackberry curve 2, so he bought me this Tecno Phantom that just came out at that time, the phone cost around 38k or so. Dating a good white man is best honestly, I don’t advice girls to have anything to do with these arab men, they are dog, they spend well oo but you will also spend very well with your [email protected], some demand for s*x tape sef.

2 months to our relationship, it was becoming so lovely, I was already in love with him and his money. Obinna on the hand was already suspecting me, he visited me in school twice during the weekend. He called him while I was in Zvicka’s place, I didn’t pick it ooo, there was one time, he began to call me, he called me, to the extent that I switched off my phone, I put it on back after some minutes, he continued calling again, Zvicka was already suspecting..

In the sitting room, watching israeli TV station..

Zvicka: Why don’t you pick your call?

Me: No jare

Zvicka: Is that your boyfriend?

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Me: Boyfriend? I told you I don’t have one.

Zvicka: Are you sure?

Me: Don’t you trust me?

Obinna kept calling, until he finally sent me a text message that him and my son visited me in school, that my son wanted to see me as per my son’s school were on holiday so he was spending the holiday with his father and its been long I saw him, Zvicka has gotten into my head. Obinna abused me sef in the text message, foolish boy. Immediately I saw the text message, i quickly got up beside Zvicka..

Me: I want to use the toilet..

Zvicka: Okay

I rushed the toilet to call him back, so that I could talk to my son. I talked to my son after which me and Obinna began to exchange words on my phone, I blamed him for coming without informing me and I told him I would come see my son, when I’m less busy. He asked for my where about, I told him to mind his business, he called me useless mother and a slut, I just had to hanged up on him. He began to call me again, can you imagine, that guy is so obsessed with me but he doesn’t have money.

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Exam timetable was already out in school, I can’t write exams without paying my school fees, I need to pay for 3 sessions, that’s over 200k and what I have in my account is just 45k, I was so scared, I don’t want to have extra year, my school is a state owned university. How do I pay this school fees and I don’t want to tell Zvicka about it cos I lied to him that I’ve paid my school fees, I don’t want to look cheap to him and moreover he said he doesn’t like girls that ask for money. So I was so confused, I’ve lied too much for Zvicka ooo, I lied to him that my mother is a banker and my father is a retired engineer before he died. I can lie too much, I should have saved up all the money I was seeing but I just don’t know what came over me. Bidemi advised me to inform Zvicka about, that if he truly loves me, he would help me.

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