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I Date White men Only – Episode 15

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

In the afternoon, packed my things ready to leave for school. Obinna didn’t come home ever since he left in the morning, i tried calling him but he wasn’t picking my calls, he was still upset. So I went to his family’s house to bid farewell to them and my son, my son was even crying when i was leaving, thank God my son still remember me, there is this joy you feel when your child cry when you’re leaving. I didn’t get to see Obinna, neither did i bid him farewell. I felt bad though but i’ve made my decision. While going to school, i even met one dude, a Nigerian guy, lol, he’s rich though cos he was in his Range rover. The dude is cute, clean and matured, he even dropped me at the bus stop after collecting my details, but…
In the evening, already in school, me and Bidemi trekking back to the hostel after buying food from food vendor, my phone rings, i checked it, it was the Nigerian dude i met that was calling, i knew he was the one cos he already flashed me while I was still in his car to confirm if it was my real number , even though i didn’t store it….. I hissed! I put the phone on silence
Me: I don’t do Nigerian guys…. Please
Bidemi: Hahaha, who is calling you?
Me: Don’t mind the fool jare, its one guy i met today, he want to date me.
Bidemi: So what’s the problem?
Me: I don’t do Nigerian guys, God forbid… White men only, i date white men only.
Bidemi laughing…
Me: Is it funny? Its the fact abeg..
Bidemi: Is the guy not fine?
Me: The guy is fine, he’s even more handsome than Obinna… He looks good and rich sha cos he was riding Range rover.
Bidemi: Range Rover? He’s rich ooo, give him a try now
I burst into laughter…
Me: So what? Do you know the car Zvicka is using? Do you know the car Zvicka’s driver cruise me around with? You don’t know anything…
Bidemi: You date white men only
Teasing me…
Me: Ode! Na you sabi
My phone rings again…
Me: Ooooh! This idiot should stop calling me now

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We finally got to our room, my phone rings again. This time it was Obinna that was calling, i quickly picked it.

Me: Hello, where did you go? You didn’t pick my calls, is it because i said ‘no’? You just went…. Are you drunk?
Can you believe that Obinna was drunk, he was saying all sorts of rubbish on phone, he said he’s drunk because of me, he said he was gonna kill himself, he was frustrated, he called himself a loser. It was so painful, he was so crazy, he was just saying terrible things on phone, he said he loves me, he even said God will judge if he doesn’t have good intentions towards, he was beginning to curse, I had to cut the call and switched off my phone. I was devastated….

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To Be Continued…

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