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I Date White men Only – Episode 14

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

Obinna: Tolu will you marry me?
Huh! Am i dreaming?
Me: This is a dream right?
Obinna: This is the main reason why i invited you over, i want to marry you…. Will you marry me, I know this is what you want? Please say yes.
I slapped my self, pinched myself, this is not a dream oooo.
Me: Marry you? Nooooo
Obinna: What? Why? Don’t you wanna marry me?
Me: No, no, no, its too early, i’m still even young sef, let me finish from school first, get a job for myself then we can’t get married but now….. Moreover sef, get a good job first. What do you know about marriage, nooo, haaa, me i’m not ready ooo.
Obinna was extremely surprised… As he stood up
Obinna: Are you turning me down?
Me: Its not like that, don’t let us rush abeg… Keep the ring for now, how many carat of gold is that ring sef?
I slept back on the bed, Obinna was still standing, amused looking at me, he was speechless….. I rose up again..
Me: You that can’t pay my school fees, you don’t even have a car, is it this small self contain that we will leaving after marriage, God forbid, please work hard more, abeg. You don’t have all the basic necessary things, you don’t have a very comfortable job sef. Its a No for now, maybe 2 years later sha
I slept back on the bed, can you imagine, my mate is there engaged and getting married to a white man, me i’m stucked with a low life who want to marry me. How silly, God why me now? This should have been a dream honestly. Obinna was still standing, he couldn’t say a word as he was staring at me.
Obinna: Tolu you have changed (shaky voice), from the moment you requested for anal s*x, I knew you’ve gone worse.
I was furious, i quickly got up and reply him…
Me: Abeg, abeg, abeg, don’t just start with that this morning, please. Do you want to tell me i’m the only one you’re bleeping, do you think i don’t…

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Obinna: But, you’re the one i want to marry, you’re the only i’m asking this question. I love you Tolu He knelt down and began to cry, i was moved, I was touched.
Obinna: Tolu i want to marry you
I was speechless, Obinna loves me, i was touched but i was confused, Cynthia is getting married to a white man now, would i now marry a low life like Obinna? I didn’t know what to say…
Obinna: I don’t want to loose you Tolu
Me: Obinna, (sigh) you can’t loose me, don’t let us rush, i know what i’m saying.

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He moved closer to me, trying to kiss me…

Me: Obinna, stop all these… My answer is still ‘No’, i’m not ready for that, lets take our time. If you know can’t wait, you can go and find someone else. I’m sorry, please i want to sleep.
Obinna: I just hope you’re not gonna regret this….

He dropped the ring on the mattrass me and went out, i quickly checked the silly ring, its not even original gold. All these cheap rings…. I would have consider Obinna but, haaa, no way, I can’t marry a Nigerian guy, my mate is getting married to a white man, i can never settle for less, never.

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