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I Date White men Only – Episode 13

I Date White men Only

I Date White men Only

He didn’t, i began to squirt, he removed his j0ystick so that i can squirt, he grabbed me, pushed me to the wall and was pounding me so hard, really hard, i didn’t even know if i was enjoying it anymore. Obinna [email protected] the hell out of me, till he quickly removed his j0ystick and cum… Both of us breathing really hard, i lost my breath, i was so weak, i had to lean on him as he hugged me so tight. Sweating profusely.
After the s*x, we had our bath, ate and slept off. I was extremely weak but i did enjoyed every bit of it, i think this one of the reason i can’t forget about Obinna, assuming Obinna is not good on bed, i would have dumped him long time ago. I couldn’t do much that day, we visited his parent’s house, gist and all that, it was on saturday, we were discussing about so many things, i was having fun, laughing not until i heard a bad news from my friend.
While in the sitting room in Obinna’s family house, i received a call from my friend Bidemi, asking me about my stay, gisting and all that, i narrated everything to her including the s*x, i was outside this time, talking with her, it was fun not until I heard the bad news. Bidemi told me Cynthia is getting married in 3 months time, she’s even pregnant, she told me Cynthia had just informed her about it that same day, i was dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to say. I pretended to be happy for her, i told her Cynthia hasn’t inform me about it, probably she doesn’t want me to know.

After hanging the call, i was so mad at myself, i was extremely sad, so Cynthia is getting married to her white boyfriend, she’s really getting married, she’s even pregnant.. I was about going inside, my phone rings, it was Cynthia, i picked the call, I pretended as if i didn’t hear. Then she began to scream on the phone that she’s getting married in 3 months and she’s also pregnant, i shouted, pretended to be happy for her, she even said she would be going for her honeymoon in her husband’s country Israel after the wedding. I asked her if they’ve done introduction she told me, it was done a day before in Benin. I querried her for not informing us about it, she said she decided to make it a lowkey. I congratulated her, she even said i will be one of the bridesmaids, can you imagine, when she said that, i didn t know when tears was dropping from my eyes. I was so bittered, Cynthia is so lucky, look at my life, Zvicka won’t marry me, i’m his LovePeddler, how silly of me. I felt bad for myself, i couldn’t relate well with everyone throughout that day, not until in the evening when me and Obinna was in his own place.

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Obinna: What is wrong with you? You’ve been acting weird ever since you received that call He touched me, i angrily pushed his hand away.

Obinna: What is it again?
He came closer this time, trying to kiss me..
I tried pushing him away
Me: Leave me alone, did i complain to you? Don’t touch me jare
Dragging with him…
Me: Leave me alone Obinna
Obinna: Do you want s*x?
I was so pissed when he asked that question.. I hissed and clapped my hands in disappointment.
Me: God why me?…. Obinna that is what you only know, that is only what you are good at, you’re just a failure, shame you, you don’t know more than that. Useless man (hissing), get your filthy hands off me, s*x ko, dobo ni.
Obinna was speechless, he just stood up and walked out of the house. I was so annoyed, haaa, God, why are you punishing me? I want marry a white man like Cynthia, enough of these insults from nigerian men like Obinna. I couldn’t sleep that night, so many thought ran through my mind concerning Zvicka, what can i do to make Zvicka love me more than his wife?
Should i use juju on him to make him marry me and divorce his wife, i don’t want to loose a wealthy white man like Zvicka, he’s rich and caring, he’s the ideal man for any woman. Should i use pregnancy to hook him down? To get a good white man like Zvicka is very hard, should i go back to badoo and search for a new white man? I need to marry a white man too, i’m already tired of being a concubine, i’m tired of being a s*x slave to Obinna, even if Obinna want to marry me, God forbid, i can’t marry him. I can’t marry any Nigerian men, they are so domineering and unfaithful.

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Nigerian men being dictator in a relationship, i don’t want that. Dating and marrying white man will make me so free, i will be so caged if i date a nigerian man. Nigerian can complain too much, they cheat a lot and they hardly have respect for their women, i remember when i was young, the way my dad used to beat my mum in our presence. Is it the fact that one of my hostel mate beats his girlfriend anyhow and they are not married yet, what if they now marry,he would turn her to puching bag. Some silly girl would still wanna marry a guy that beats her,no white man would dare raise his hands on any woman, marrying a white man will make life easier for you, easier for me.

I slept off while i was so sad, i slept with a broken heart. Very early in the morning, Obinna woke up and ask for the unthinkable, did you know what he asked for?
He woke me up, i saw him on his knees brought a ring and popped the question.

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