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I AM WOMAN – Season 1 – Episode 12

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to check on something to eat. I made us tea with some bread I found on the table. Getting back to the bedroom, I saw uncle Richard and some elders talking in the sitting room. From the way everyone sat, it was obvious it was a heated discussion. After washing our faces and brushing our teeth, we had our breakfast. It was lovely sitting on the bed with Kasuli hearing her stories. Even though it was early, I felt my presence was vital for her to move on. Similarly, she was my stronghold to endure the grieving process. Kasuli and I only had each other and under no circvmstance would I have let her out of my sight.

“Tinashe you are being called by the elders,” a relative told me.

I left Kasuli in the bedroom playing with her dolls and went to the siting room where I found everyone sitting with their serious faces on. I looked around to see if momma was there but she wasn’t. I sat on the floor.

“We know it’s been hard for you but we thought of talking things now. This is the best time we have.” My father’s uncle broke the silence.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Where is momma?” I asked.

“About her, we will talk about her after this.” Uncle Richard said calmly.

Looking at him with curiosity, I said, “Let’s talk about her now. Where is she? She has to be here.”

I heard some murmuring from everyone gathered in the sitting room.

“Tell her,” Grandfather said looking at Uncle Richard.

“Your mother has left and told me to give you this,” He handed me a piece of paper.

What did I expect of momma? I was so foolish to think that she would stay for us. She bailed on us like she did some three years ago. Little did I know that the goodbye she said the previous night meant she was gone again. I was hurt that I didn’t even concentrate on what was being said. I kept looking at the piece of paper forcing tears back. I couldn’t even open it. I was brought back to conscious when I heard my uncle say something that evoked me.

“What did you just say?” I glared at him.

“We have agreed that you will be staying with us and Kasuli will go with your grandfather to the farm in Chongwe.”

To be continued

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