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I Am Not A Gay: Season 1 Episode 8

I walked into the room and saw jubfle
sitting on the couch
‘waw look who finally came back home,
have been waiting for you, I was so
worried… Did you check your phone i have
called you alot of time’ jung woo said
Why is he so worried about me all of a
Something is definetly not right
‘why do you sound so concerned about
me it so unlike you’ I said
‘well as long as you still my wife…’
I wanted to say it fake but he stoppede
from saying the word
‘fake or not, you are still my responsibility
okay’ he said like he knew just what I was
about to say
‘but you hate me right’ I said
‘I do not hate you, I just find you very
annoying and irritating’
‘mean’ I said and he smirked
‘come on go to bed’ he said as he slept on
the couch and pulled the sheets over
I don’t know why but I feel like the worst
wide ever
I mean is it really right that am keeping
this secret from him
But i really can’t help it, I can’t stay away
from jinhoo
But why do I feel so wierd
Did jinhoo come back to my life because he
loves me or does he has any other motive
But we broke up that time because he
cheated on me
I am a fool to just accept him back in my
life like that all in the name of love
Do I still love him the way I use to
Oh no.
I said as I ran my hand through my hair
I am so confused right now
Why do I have to choose between two
My fake husband and my boyfriend
What do I have to chose
Jungle is not interested in me anyway right
This sudden interest am developing for sin
after the way she defended me in public
that day is getting weirder than it already
I mean do I like her already
Naahhh that ridiculous even if am going to
develop any kind of romantic feelings for a
girl it definitely won’t be that SOMIN at all
She is just not right
The next day i woke up and jungle was not
in the room
I knocked on the bathroom door before
opening and he was not in there either
Phew www I have to be sure he is not in
the room
Don’t want what happened last time to
repeat itself
‘hello’ I said as I picked my call
‘hey SOMIN’
‘Goodmorning’ I said as I smiled
‘Goodmorning my love, tell me how was
your night, did that man try to get close to
you’ he asked
I smiled and said ‘no he did not’
‘okay then come to the balcony’
‘why?’ I asked
‘I want to see your face’ he said.
‘see my face, jin don’t tell me you in the
house again’ I said
‘yes i am so?’
‘but what if someone sees you’ i said
‘then I will be free to tell. Them that SOMIN
is my everything, then I will finally give
your rich husband a piece of my mind’
‘you are impossible’ I said as I walked to
the balcony and saw him downstairs
waving at me as he blew a kiss towards
‘Just wait there, I will be there now’ I Said
as I walked down the stairs’I told you
never come here again ‘
‘ but baby I was missing you ‘he said as he
wraps his hand around my waist and
draws me close to him
‘ stop that, someone might see us ‘
‘ but can you really blame me, why do you
have to be so D–n pretty ‘he said as he
kissed me on the lips
‘ stop that, do not do that here ‘I said as I
slowly pushed him away but he moved
closer and smash his lips against mine
‘ Now you have the kiss you want leave ‘I
said but he pulled me close and hugged
‘ I love you a lot, please don’t leave me no
matter what ‘he said
‘ why will I ever leave you, trust me I won’t

He kissed me on the forehead and said’
bye, see you some other day ‘
‘ bye ‘I smiled and bit my lower lips and he
walked away
He had always been very sweet to me even
in our past relationship
But why do I have the feelings that
something is wrong somewhere
‘ hey boss, I got the video……’
‘good now all it takes is to add some
substance to jung woo coffee and when
we do that, guess what he will do to his
wife after that’
‘no, no no, I don’t want that, please leave
her out of this, I will kill him if he touches
her knowingly or unknowingly’
‘hey if you want the money, keep your
mouth shut and let this go smoothly and of
not quit the job I will find someone better’
‘I want the money but isn’t there another
way to do this’ I asked
‘this is my game, I call the shots, this is
how I want it to be’ she said as she hung
Am doing this for you somin , you also
have to sacrifice a little
JUNG WOO Poverty
‘sir your coffee’ my assistant said as she
dropped the coffee on the table ‘and yeah
someone told me to give you this’ she said
as she drops a USB on the table and
walked out of the office
I can’t wait to go back home and tease
This days I always look forwards to go
going back home and seeing her face
I think am going crazy cause I always smile
whenever I think of her
Strange uhn
‘what is this’ I said as I plugged it into my
computer and drank my coffee, I played
the video on the USB and immediately my
coffee mug fell from my hand
SOMIN kissing another guy in my house
What the heck is this
I felt a sharp pain in my head and I was
also a bit dizzy
I think i should go back home am not
feeling too good
Something is wrong with this coffee why
do I feel so wierd after drinking it
Forget it am sure am overthinking things
SOMIN has to explain all this to me
How dare she do that to me
How dare she
Where is that annoying husband of mine
It 9:00 in the night
I kinda feel lonely
No one to bother me tonight
The door suddenly went open and I saw
an angry looking jung woo standing right
in front of me
I have never seen him looking so angry
He immediately closed the door behind
him and glares at me
‘look who finally came home’ I said as he
walked towards me still glaring at me
He grabbed me by the arm and pinned me
to the wall
‘what the heck, let go of me’ he said
‘who is he, who was that guy you were
with in the video, who was that guy you
were kissing in my house’ he asked
He knows
But how
How did he know about that
‘you see jin is my boyfriend’
‘your boyfriend, really’…
‘yes I wanted to tell you about him but I
was thinking you won’t be interested’
‘well but you brought him into my house
and kissed him’ I said.
‘what is wrong with you, you do not
sound like yourself at all, something is
definitely wrong with you’ I said ‘just calm
down, sit down and have a glass of water’
he let go of me and runs his hand through
his hair looking frustrated
‘so you decided to be another man b—h
while married to me uhn, typical s–t
‘hey’ I shouted as I slapped him,’ don’t you
ever say that to me again’ I shouted
looking pissed off
He grabbed my hand and pinned it to the
Wall above my head
‘let go of me you hurting me’ I said trying
to free my hand from his grib
‘you will never do that again’ he said as he
held my cheeks making my lips pout with
his right hand and his left was still holding
my hand against the wall
‘Now I wanna touch you the way he
touched you’ he said
Now am really scared for the first time in
my life someone actually intimidates me.
‘please stop this’ I said
‘did he touch you here’ he said as he
placed his hand on my waist
‘stop this you are going crazy’
He spinned me around making me face the
world while my back was facing him
‘did he touch you here’ he said as his hand
went under my dress
‘stop this pls, stop’
‘I won’t until I touch you just the way he
touched you’ he whispered into my ear as
he kissed my kneck
The wierd part is that i was actually
enjoying this
But it got to a point i was not actually
enjoying again
‘look you never loved me not for once, then
why are you being so close to me, why are
you so angry because I love another guy,
cas I was close to him’
‘Do I have to tell you the word before you
know it uhn,’ he spinned me around
making me face him again ‘you are
married to me but cheating on me’
‘it fake marriage okay, it not even real,
what exactly is your problem’
‘fake marriage uhn, how about we make it
real’ he said
‘what’ I said as I raised my right brow
He pushed me on the bed and I crawled
backward looking terrified as I wanted to
get of the bed but he held me down on the
bed as his lips met mine and kissed me
He is good at kiissing
Better than jin
I tried to push him away but he refused to
let go of me still kissing me
I hit him on the chest but all was to no
He broke the kiss and tore my dress
‘help me’ I shouted forgetting the fact that
no one is around that day
And the door is sound proof so this is the
end for me
‘jung pls don’t do this’ I said unable to
control my tears
He tore my bra and s—-d and kissed my
breast aggressively
It was painful
Real painful
I pushed him away and wanted to run
away but he held me by the wrist and
pulled me back on the bed.
He held my hands above my head on bed
and I couldn’t attack him anymore
He kissed me allover my body and my
He pulled my pant down and started
thrusting into me
There was nothing to fight for now
I just stood still as tears rolls down my eyes
All my life have always thought jinhoo will
be my one and only
When he was done pleasing himself he
rolled off me and slept off while I stood on
my feet naked
My whole body hurts a lot
But the pain is nothing compared to the
one i feel in my heart right now
I have never thought he will ever rape me
I trust him more than myself in that aspect
I walked into the bathroom and stared at
my self
There were red marks around my wrist
Must be due to the way he held me earlier
My nipples were swollen and sore
It hurts a lot
I opened the shower and sat on the floor
Jung woo shouldn’t have done this
I trusted him a lot
More than myself
I washed my entire body crying
I trusted him
The next day i slowly opened my eyes
Why am I sleeping on the bed instead of
sleeping on the couch
And why am I naked
I put on white joggers and a long sleeve
top and went to the balcony
My head hurts a lot
I still have to talk to her about that video I
I just don’t like the fact that she is seeing
another man at all
It really hurt
I can’t even remember when I came back
from work yesterday
And beside were is SOMIN
I haven’t seen her this morning
I went to the bathroom and was shocked
see somin in bathtub with water covering
her head
‘somin’ I shouted as I brought her back up
and she was coughing trying to catch her
I looked away cause she was naked
I saw a towel on the door and handed it
over to still looking elsewhere
‘Do you want to drown yourself’ I said and
she removed my hand that was around
her wrist and stood on her feet still naked
I was forced to look at her wondering
what going as she walked out of the
I also walked into the room and saw her
putting on her top
‘what going on’ I asked as I held her arm
She looked at me and all I could see in her
eyes was deep pain and disappointment
‘somin, what wrong did someone hurt
She removed my hand from her arm
It like she does not want me to touch her
at all
Something is wrong somewhere
‘why you acting like nothing happened
between us’ she said
‘what happened, pls tell me’
All of a sudden I felt pain in my head as I
held it
What wrong with me
I suddenly remembered what happened
the previous night
‘wh…. . What……. What have I done’ I said
looking shocked
SOMIN pulled her luggage out of the closet
‘I will send you a divorce letter soon’ she
said as she carried her belongings
‘somin pls let me explain I swear i did not
know what came over me last night, I
could not have done that to you
deliberately please you have to trust me’
It was like I was just talking to myself as
she walked towards the door and opened
it but i closed it again.
‘somin pls don’t leave me, i swear I did not
do that in purpose, I swear to you I didn’t’
Tears rollls down her eyes but she quickly
wipes it
‘the more I see you, the more my hated
grows stronger….. out of my way’ she said
as she slowly pushed me aside and walked
out of the room
What have I done
…………. To be continued…………….

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