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I Am Not A Gay: Season 1 Episode 6

Jinhoo must be back in my life for a reason
But why do I to like him that much
I am absolutely sure that he must have his reason for coming back
But why did i tell him that the marriage was fake
Am sure he doesn’t believe me, am a big liar anyway no one knows when am lying or when am not
‘is that all you want me to do, then no problem I can do that, but you should know am not doing this for the money alone am Doin this because I want her to be mine again, I can’t stand seeing with that man who thinks he can just steal what is mine because he is rich…. But she did say that Thier wedding is fake’I said
‘really how true is that’ an unknown person that have been receiving orders from asked
I haven’t seen the person face yet cas she always talk to me with her face closed but one thing am sure of is the fact that the strange person is a woman, judging from her voice actually and she definitely hates that business man my somin is married to so much
‘well you can’t really believe a word somin says, she is a great liar and she might just say that in order to get me back in her life
‘ ummmmmm, that interesting, now leave ‘she said as I turned my back to leave
This is gonna be fun somin
You can’t just leave me and get married to another man, I will never allow that.
I walked into the room and sat down on the bed
My feet still hurt badly
How can that mean man let me put on such high stiletto knowing fully well that I can’t handle it
D–n that man
He opened the door and walked into the room still looking kind of upset
Is he still annoyed about what i said earlier
‘hey’ I said as I walked over to him and stood in front of him ‘Do not tell me you still upset about what happened’
‘you were downstairs earlier, why?’ he asked
‘and why you asking’ I answered his question with a question
“you were downstairs right, why ‘he asked
‘ why do you care ‘I asked
Should I tell him my boyfriend visited
I think it the right thing to do
‘ well you see I have a…….. ‘
That was the sound of his phone ringing cutting me short
Guess I will just have to tell him later
‘ yes later…. I will see you at the office tomorrow’ he said as he hung up and sat down on his couch
‘why are you being so cold all of a sudden did I do something wrong’ I asked but he ignored me
‘is it about the sexual harassment thing I said’ I asked again but he ignored me
‘jungle’ I said as I bent down in front of him ‘are you just gonna ignore me’
‘I am not upset about what you said, You just made me remember something that kinda annoyed me’
‘then did what I said made you remember that thing that kinda upset you’ I asked again ‘if it did, am really sorry, pls forgive me’ I said holding my ears and looking cute
‘waw that a new thing’ he said smiling ‘look who is acting like a real wife, trying to make me forgive you cas you think you were wrong, am impressed you not exactly the crazy girl I thought you were’
‘you know what forget it, you are the worst’ I said as I stood on my feet and threw the cushion on him ‘I curse my love of money…. I shouldn’t have gotten married to you’ I said as I limped towards the bed and sat on hit resting my back on the pillow
He walked towards and sat down on the bed as he moved close to me

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‘hey what are you doing’ I asked looking awkward as he moved closer to me ‘hey move away’ I said but he ignored me and moved closer to me

His face was very close to mine like he was about to kiss me or something

Waw this man must be the most beautiful man in the world

Jinhoo is hot and handsome but my so-called husband pass the breaking point

His hand slowly went to my back and he bent his face like he was about to kiss me and I closed my eyes with this wierd facial expression

Suddenly I felt him pull something from my back

‘I just want this you can open your eyes now’ he said
I slowly opened my eyes only to see him holding a pillow and i breathe a sigh of relief

And am also very upset because he just put me in that stupid embarrassing situation

‘what you think i was actually gonna kiss you’ he said
‘no, I don’t, I mean who wants to kiss you’

‘did I say you wanna kiss me’
‘no you did not, I mean… Just forget it okay

‘well one thing I won’t be able to forget is that wierd look you had on your face,makes you look like a totall moron it really suits you anyway’

‘what’ I shouted as I stood on my feet and walked towards him but then I tripped on something and fell on him making both of us fall on the floor

I was on him while he was under me and then we both stared at each other

I have to admit this idiot lips is absolutely tempting and inviting
Is it wierd that I feel like kissing him and no my boyfriend right now

This delinquent is not bad at all
She is pretty
Very pretty

But so annoying and irritating
Everything about her is pretty
Kinda dumb that am thinking of making her my real wife not my contract wife

‘oh jung woo’ grandma said as she walked into our room ‘oh am sorry i think I barged in at the wrong time’

‘no no no grandma’ min said as she quickly stood on her feet

‘yea granny not cool you just interrupted our special moment’ I said as I stood on my feet and moved her close to me

‘Grandma that a lie, so not true she said trying to move away from me but I refused to let go

‘ okay when you busy with your special moment next time, do not forget to close the door’ she said

‘okay grandma won’t forget that next time’ I said as she smiled and walked out of the room

I let go of her and sat down on my couch

‘you are the worst you know’ she said

‘come on baby let continue with our special moments’ i said as I winked at her

She glares at me before sleeping on the bed and covering herself with the duvet while I smiled and went to bed or should I say went to couch.. My life sucks

I did not tell him about jin hoo
I say down on my bed to tell him everything but he was already asleep

Maybe it better of I don’t tell him
No need to tell him about my private life anyway

Am sure he is not interested

………………. …to be continued…………………

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